Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to Friday....

Friday means my hubby can come home and sleep all weekend and we can all try to recoup some more. My goal is school on Monday for the little one. Work for me. and Work for Dad. Woohoo! Unfortunately, Saturday is my son's first soccer game, but I don't think we will attend just because he is still coughing so hard and won't be through all the meds the doc gave him. I would love to attend to support the team, but he would never understand why he can't play. So he will miss his first soccer game, but hopefully be healthy for the rest of them.

So today another Creative Team Member. ... Rosalie. You have seen many of Rosalie's pieces on my blog. She has worked with my Number Jumble, Father's Day Mini Album & Autumn Beauty Jumble.

I love the color change in the pictures in this bottom one and highlighting the number 5. Fantastic!

Welcome to the group Rosalie! For more on Rosalie visit her at her Creative Page HERE.

Snap shots... yep I added it to my blog to see how it works out. I always get emails asking where the links are and I am hoping they will be obvious. I narrowed the area for the pop to show to just above the little bubble. So you should have to be right above it to make it pop. Trying to make things user friendly, but easy to read.

And next. ... The ATC Challenge.. I have sketched what I am going to do. It would be a quick project for me, but I started sketching and came up with an idea for a file so went and did that. Then went back and did something and something else. and then forgot about my sketch. I should keep a notebook with ideas. So I got a rolling cart for my supplies so when not in the craft room I can sit out here in the living room with the boys and still have easy access to my supplies and not leave them piled on the table etc. So I am curious as to what are your have to haves in your rolling cart. It looks like a milk crate with a canvas tool organizer around the outside of it. So which scrapbook tools would you use? Also, the middle is just an empty hole. Your thoughts on best things to use to organize in the middle. Or if you have a picture of your rolling cart stuffed to the gills I would love to see it. Just email it to me. I want to get it together this weekend. So my hubby doesn't think it is an unorganized catchall which is what it is right now. I appreciate your ideas.

This is the last few days you can sign up for the QMC for the first quarter. Alot of people are asking about where they can sign up for the next quarter. It will be loaded the Paperthreads store after January 31st.

The Artist Trading Card Challenge information can be found at the forum. The prize is $15.00 in the store for anything your heart desires. So check out the details and consider the teeny tiny project. We already have a few entrants from our Creative Team by Karen and Vicki. Thanks for participating!

So I am off to try and catch up on my projects and try to figure out why my little one is complaining about his ear when he is already on antibiotics. and Laundry. ugh. why does Laundry build so much. wew!

My friend Lori had a wonderful hybrid project posted on her blog yesterday for those interested. I thought it was cute. And a great use of the two scrapbooking techniques.

Off I go and have a wonderful day!!!



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