Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Artist Trading Card Challenge... and just ponderings.. wanderings of my mind

So I have to ask because this happens to me. I get into this tiny tiny slump over crafting. Scrapbooking and all my crafts included. I have crafts in various stages in my craft room. I could sit down and finish ome but I just havent gotten there. I have been really looking at the ATC challenge I have been participating in with Jan and Carrie. It is a tiny 2.5x3.5 size and I have a few files in mind that I think if I sat down with all the things I need I could just make a few and see how they turn out. My next thought which file do I choose? Really? Anyone? I am very equine motivated and I love the horse in my Western Skies file. But there are alot of other files that are just me to.. hmm I will have to think on this. For more details you can hit the forum, but there are two weekends you can work on this and get something in, but think if you had an idea it would probably only take an hour or two to put one together. And it would be that finished project. Artist Trading Cards. Who would I trade them with? Truthfully I would probably poke them up on my bulletin board to ponder when trying to finish my other projects I have started.

This thought process brings me to my craft room. I have such a ton of things from different crafts and I wonder do I need them? I would like to upload to ebay, but the whole waiting thing and uploading and then paying paypal/ebay fees ugh. Maybe I will create a page on my mainwebsite that is my little yard sale of sorts. hmm another thing to ponder further. Either way it has to be cleaned out. So I will be trying to do that in the next few months.

I am full of ponder because I feel like I have been in a fog for three days with this cold and my little one being sick. Having such a hard time keeping my little ones fever in control today. So I am hoping we will get through this cold soon. And for now I am off to hold him upright for a while so he can take a little nap.

There are quite a few challenges over at Paperthreads still running. A few have entered, but here is a list of those you can possibly still take part in. Have fun!



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the two of you aren't feeling well - take it easy and get plenty of rest!

Victoria said...

I would love to see you Western Skies in an ATC! My ATC project is finished and uploaded!

Hope you and the little one feel better soon. Remember, little ones run fast fevers but they usually bounce back quick.