Monday, January 14, 2008

Creative Team is a coming...

Hello to everyone I have a lot to ramble so pull up your Diet Coke, Coke, Coffee, Lemonade, Hot Tea or what you have to drink and get comfy..

It is an exciting time for me. It is almost a year since I started this blog and what a year it has been. I am proud to announce that I have come to the point where I realize I don't use my files to their potential and so therefore a Creative Team is born. I have a few to members announce and am announcing them as they send me their pictures and bios. Today's Creative Team Member announcement is Karen aka Scrappin Mama. You may be familiar with her work because I have posted them here many times and they are all included along the left of today's post. I look forward to seeing her projects come in and working with her.

Hi everyone. My name is Karen Krumpe, aka "scrappinmama" on the message boards.
I'm a full time house wife, mother of 3 girls and grandmother of 6 (Soon to be 7).
I have always been pretty crafty, but 5 years ago, my daughter talked me into trying
something that I hadn't tried before. She was all excited about"Scrapbooking". I put off
trying it for a long time, but finally did it, just so she would shut up. What can I say? I
have now become an addict and if there is a cure, PLEASE don't tell me what it is. I'm
having too much fun! When I first heard of the Silhouette, I thought "Wow, I'll never have to buy another alphabet set again." Little did I know, at the time, just what amazing things this machine could produce. Thanks to the many message boards, and designers like Chris, I have found the possibilities unlimited. I'm so excited to be a part of this team and look forward to sharing my layouts with you all, as well as seeing what others have to share.

Thank you Karen for joining the Creative Team! See the next Creative Team Member tomorrow!!

Next.... All I can say is

JANUARY 21st at Paperthreads.

That is all I have been permitted to say until the newsletter goes out. So don't miss the newsletter and don't miss the 21st. You will be pleased.

Man that kills me.. because you know how I like to ramble.


A few files hit the store and last week a few were updated to the QMC

and there is a freebie in the newsletter

and I am working on a presale.

Just wanted to make sure I told you about those..

And on to life..

So this weekend was fun. We took my son to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. Probably not the best movie I have ever seen, but it was at the small movie theater in a town near us. So it wasn't packed and Dalen standing up the whole time didn't both anyone. It is hard to stand still at the age of 3. We also worked tons and tons on the fort. We now have walls and I will post some pics of my little one hammering away on some nails tomorrow. I have to download the pics from the camera. I am seriously considering one of those digital frames for the house here because no one sees the pictures anymore except you and me and sometimes a few people I email them to. So I think I might ask for a digital frame for the birthday or even better Mother's Day. Talked to my Dad this weekend. Which I usually do every week, but this time we talked about our visiting him in May. Can I say he is concerned that we come up when the fishing is good. Well last year my hubby and Dad were convinced the fishing was bad because it rained and then the year before that he and I and my son hit the lake in this little boat and he through his reel and made a mess of the line so he sat trying to rearrange it for 20-30 minutes and then decided to fish a little. He did catch one and I was smiled and said "That's it. I am done. Get me out of the boat" So because of this little temper tantrum, I am no longer asked to go fishing. Seriously the child was 2 and i was pmsing and stuck in a little john boat and was getting hooked with the hook twice in the back. I was done. fish or not. Wew. That means on my visits I get almost a week of relaxing, reading books, thinking about files and then cooking dinner. Wew! Coulldn't be better. My hubby, son and Father hit the rivers and "fish". And I use the "fish" term loosely. ahhaha. I love to tease my Dad. So when I finished talking to him he told me he was gonna go call his kids that love him. I said "talk to you tomorrow" he said "yeah, love ya" hahaha. Love to smile and be happy. Life is to short for otherwise.

Superbowl is coming up. My hubby is being super good about what he eats and I just love the superbowl party eats. So do you have a favorite? My sister made this dip called Buffalo wings dip. It is good, but could clog your arteries after one swoop. So We shall see how the Pack does and where we will be attending a superbowl party. I think my hubby is priming me for a new tv for superbowl. Yesterday our tv had a red hue to it and this morning it was totally green while I watched the news. I just smacked the side of the tv and we had color again and I smiled. See it works. I got the eye roll and emails saying how about this one... Flat Screens & LCDs at Costco. He is wearing me down. For now I can say TV is the last of my priorities in life. However, we got a netflix subscription for Christmas from my sister. I am liking it. It is easy to get the movie and curl up on the couch with the hubby and watch it after the little one goes to bed. So now my hubby is into watching the previews so we can add it to our Queue. I was reading the disclaimer on the subscription and because it was a gift, if we don't use it within a year, they will apply the monies paid to my sisters account. I thought this was kinda cool. I am liking it so far. We started out with all guy movies in the queue. Now we have a few additional silly and fun ones. However, I am positive Iwill have a hard time getting him to watch Hairspray. I'd love to, but that will be an eye roll. I love my hubby so I won't put him through it.
Oh and by the way..... I am watching Ellen play Guitar Hero and I have to say... I need the game.. hahaha. I will have to check it out. I have the Karaoke for PS2 and the Dance Dance game. The guitarhero looks like fun. hmm... I wonder if they have it for wii. I think that sounds like a fair trade.. the Wii for the flat screen tv. hmmm.. have to think on this. I better get some serious files together to get all that. hmm.. looks like fun.
I better run. I am really rambling.
Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Chris, they do have Guitar Hero for Wii - the kids received it for Christmas - we have guitar hero for Ps2, Wii and because they had to have Rock Band, we now have a Ps3. Rock Band comes not only with a guitar, but drums and a microphone for singing. We are just one musical family - just don't ask the kids or hubby to play a song without the games running - the wouldn't know what chords to hit.

Patty M

kellystone03 said...


My husband and I are also looking forward to Superbowl Sunday. I made a cheesy buffalo wing dip recently and it was great. I also love spinach dip. Yum! We will be rooting for Brett Favre (I hope he cleans the Patriots clocks -- 'cause you just know they will win next weekend). I don't know what it is about the Patriots, but I can't stand them. I am a huge Colts fan, so last weekend was very disappointing. Now I will root for the Packers. Go Cheeseheads!