Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Monday post a little early

Well I think we are feeling better.... Dad and Son decided to work on the fort. I have a feeling this fort might say NO GIRLS ALLOWED on it. :-)

So here is my ATC Card for the Challenge. Of course I can't partipate, but wanted to make one. Once I had a thought in my head it took me all of 35 minutes to cut and put this card together. Everything I have read says the Artist Trading Card should be your style and this is part of my style... So if you had the words... A PART OF ME. what would your "part of me" be? Something to ponder. Well, It was fun. My hubby gave me the nod when he saw this. So he actually liked something that wasy scrappy-ish. I hope you have had chance to think about what you might do and can get one entered in the challenge. Here are more details at the forum.

I couldn't get the colors right when taking the picture but the horse is a solid brown color.

The border is one from the Simple Frames file recently added to the store and Western Skies.

So this weekend wasn't alot of activity, but more resting. Next weekend is the Super Bowl and the Pack isn't playing so unless we get a really tasty offer. I think I will watch the game at home on my little tv. We shall see how it plays out.

I have a poll for the next file for the QMC. So let me know which you'd like. I was thinking about New Year's resolutions and came up with these for those who need the umph or something to decorate those journals everyone says you should have to help you stay Focused. If you have an exercise journal started for the New Year and decide to use one of these files to decorate it. I would love to see it. Here are the two file choices. One will hit the store and one the QMC. Which one would you like?

On that I better run finish the laundry and get ready for school and work tomorrow. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

the fort is really coming along. I miss the days when my boys were that little.
I want the bottom file to hit the QMC