Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Me... A Soccer Coach..Assistant.. Wew! yikes

Okay, so did I tell you I am the assistant coach to my Son's soccer time. Yeah. Went to a team meeting with all the different teams and parents and one lady had stepped up to the plate to coach and she was staring at the other parents. And I thought it drives me crazy when there are 20 people in the room and one person volunteers to do all the work for 20 and no one does their part. So guess what I am the Coaches Assistant. There was a switch of coaches and I tried to get out of it when there was a late comer offer to be coach. Woohoo!! I can just go and enjoy the games and root for my child. But umm. nope.. When one offered to do it. The other didn't want to do it anymore.

So this should be fun and interesting. I am looking for my tennis shoes and getting dressed and thinking that I hope the Head Coach is ready to go because I have never played on the soccer team. I have seen alot of games throughout my life. My cousin will be so impressed with me when he finds out. He is 20 something soccer fan that has played since he was 5. Hopefully he won't show at any of the games to roll his eyes at me.

Well I am off to put together something to wear and be the Coaches Assistant. Hopefully he won't ask me to run to much because I still am coughing up a lung. My son however is excited beyond all belief. He has been ready to go for the last two hours. He is sitting on the couch waiting patiently with his shin guards and tennis shoes sitting next to him playing Leapster. But asking every few minutes if it is time yet. Can't wait should be lots of fun. Will let you know how it went. I can see some new titles for pages because of this... Soccer Coach.. Me What? No Hands? What? haha...
Have a wonderful day and Enjoy!


scrappinmama said...

I think you'll find this very addicting. I've never helped with soccer, but did get involved with the area youth league Girls softball teams. It started out as assistant coach and in a few years I became the League agent. The kids are wonderful! I found lots of the girls calling me "Mom" and I got almost as close to them as my own children.
As for the parents, Good Luck! :) Even though they aren't interested in the coaching part, they have all kinds of advice on how to run the team.
All in all, I have to say it was a very pleasurable experience though.

Rosalie said...

Can't wait to see the soccer files! I know I could use them! Good luck! Remember at that age, it's all about the fun and a little bit of skills. Rosalie

Cindy said...

Hey, have fun with that! I got roped into doing that when my boys were in grade school. Mostly I just had to help with the drills at practice, but the head coach did all the planning :) Your son will love it. I took my 5 year old grandson to soccer camp over the summer and he had a blast. He was sad when it was over.