Friday, January 4, 2008

WOOHOOO!!! It is my party today!!!

Today I am the hostesssss!!!

Two Coupon Codes today.

I will chat more later. I am trying to chase my hubby

downand get him to leave work a little earlier today.


Okay I am back... This being sick with no voice and then

trying to keep on top of my hubby to be calm and relaxed is crazy!!!

So today the Holiday Super Bundle is reoffered because I had soooo many

requests to get it again.

And I added another one to the deal

Which is the Super Summer Pack for those of us

who are ready to warm up and out of the snow.

The Super Summer Pack is 3.99 instead of 9.99

That is more then 50% off!!

And you can keep warm by working

on those summer pictures while your windows are

covered with frost and snow.

Click on the coupon codes above to link to them.

And when I get back home today I will add more to the post today and

see if I can conjure up a download to go with!!


PS I dont think you can use two coupons at once in the store, but you can get them both in two different transactions if needed.
Okay I am back again...
Here is a download for a file for the first 100 people to hit it.
If you have come and the link says it has been deactivated,
it is because I have surpassed the 100.
password is iagreetou6677
Happy Pony Rides at my Party!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your file. Your blog header looks nice with all the valentine.


Suzanne said...

Hi Chris wanted to stop by and say thankyou for all the files you shared during the blog party I had a great time and appreciate you doing that Have a great year Suzanne