Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hello and Howdy

Well I am lurkin around a little bit. Just thinkin I am mentally exhausted, but my concentration level is coming back. As you know I have been working on a few Valentine's Day files. Vday is one I enjoy celebrating. It is when my hubby proposed to me and I had no idea. I am usually on top of or have some knowledge of surprised and what is going to happen, but this one I was not prepared for. And it was the best. So I have a few other files in the works to, but right now just going through a burst of mushy gushy. Oh I love my hubby phase.

I am ready to take a few requests again. Just for some new inspiration. If you have a plan for a page that you need a file for let me know and I will see what I can come up with. Just email me your thoughts. And as always if I create it I send it to the requestee without charge and load it to the store. If I can get one done for it.

Creative Team calls have come to a close. I have quite a few and I will be sending out emails to them shortly. I thought I would be ready to go by tomorrow for it, but the last few days have put me just a little bit behind in life. So soon and quickly I will be in touch.

And the 2nd of January is the day my good friend Lori celebrates her birthday and how else is she doing it? with a shopping sale of course. 38% off all her files over at Paperthreads. And can I say without Lori, my awesome shopping friend, I would go crazy.

So HAPPPPY BIRTHDAY LORI!!! Have a stupendous day!!

I am off. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I am chauffeuring (sp?) my hubby and son to school and work. and then bring them home after Preschool is done. I am being the nervous nelly for now, but I told my hubby to give me through the weekend then I might calm down. Might being the keyword. If anyone has a book on heart healthy recipes that they really enjoy. I would take any recommendations. email

Gotta run.



Joyce said...

I love mussy stories, so tell us how he proposed. And I found good recipes online at the American Heart Association website.

(check box your interested in and then click the submit button on bottom of screen)

Like Spanish/Mexican food? Here's a link to a free recipe booklet

Mayo Clinic

and my last suggestion is:

Hope you have a blessed day,
Joyce H

Lori McDonald said...

Awwww!!! thanks!!! There is few friends in my life as awesome and wonderful as you!!!!

(aka Beloved Keepsakes)