Thursday, January 3, 2008

A house of sugar and fun...

Well here I am no voice. Stress usually leads me to getting sick. So today I have no voice. My son keeps smiling and saying... Can I talk for you?? And it is the cutesy troublemaker smile. :0) But luckily my hands still work and I can type So I can post away today....

First off here is our Gingerbread house this year, I finally got the pictures downloaded...

I cannot take any compliments on this. Soley my husband and son. I started it and had such a mushy slidey mess I was ready to scrap it. But my hubby whipped out the extra powdered sugar and stuck it all together. I like his marshmallow smoke stuck with a Hershey's hug topper for smoke. and the snowman came out cute to with its big yellow arms. And the cookie green trees out front were my idea. I basically took all the junk food we had been getting and put it on the table and said use it. so they had freewill with creation. I think it came out cute.

Membership... Membership closes January 31st for this first quarter which goes through the 3rd week of March. I will need a week to add all the new members for the next quarter. So if you are thinking about it... Now is the time. It will be closed until the second quarter. Also, to clear a few things up. If it is in the store, it won't be in the membership. The membership is new files. Right now it is a bit slow because of the holidays, but I am gearing up again and I am trying to offer a variety of files so not all twenty will be on the same topic. This is why you may see one or two added to the membership and then some added to the store. Just like I used to do here on my blog. I have promised 20 files or more and we are almost to the 20 files and have three months to go in the membership so there should be plenty of extras.

And for those seeking out the party!! Well it isn't here, but I will be hosting again soon. For today the hostess has some beautiful sounding files offered up, but I am sure they will echo until she gets all her walls up and then she might be able to get some beautiful echo in her hubbies work area.

This weekend I take my son and hubby (because he is not gonna be out of my sight for a while) to the first parent soccer meeting. Our son lovessss soccer and I am looking forward to the practices and the games. I can use the practices to walk big circles around where they are practicing and get some exercise in and the games to just beam my big proud smile.

Here is a pic of my hubby and I from Christmas Eve. Wew my frizzy party hair has calm down just a bit thank goodness! I went into the holidays a little blue and came out of them feeling blessed for all the love I feel in my life and those I can turn to in a crisis. (I am still mushy.. I will share the vday proposal story closer to vday for those who have asked for it)

I hope my friend Lori had an awesome birthday!!!

And for those who missed my super holiday bundle at cheap cheap.. just hold your horses before jumping into purchasing it just yet. (trust me!!)

Well I better run.. I have heard some banging going on in the bambino's room. I am hoping it is just the new work bench from the holidays, but it can always be questionable. I already heard once this morning when I walked past his slightly closed door room... "I'm doing nothing" and then the grin. Needless to say all the teddies have bandaids on their eyes, noses, legs and we better not need one. So I called the hubby to pick up another box. I should have stock in that company.

Love my life..


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Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful picture of two lovebirds - cherish him! A good man is hard to find!