Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day proposals

End of the day and I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. I am sitting here typing away while my hubby sleeps on the couch. A few more days of this sick and I will make him hit the docs office. So Vday for me is filled with memories. My hubby proposed to me on Valentine's Day. I had no idea it was coming and was staring at him so much he had to stop me after I said yes and say.... Are you gonna look at the ring? Oh oh oh yeah. okay was my response. Our favorite restaurant while we were dating, a local steak house. Pretty phenomenal if you ask me. I was so glad he asked me. I cried and the lady at the table next to me, I began to realize, was holding her breath and then said CONGRATULATIONS!!! and I heard they just got engaged whispered across the room. she said yes. For me, it was like no one else was there. and then I snapped back into reality. It was phenomenal.

((((( So seriously, My hubby must have fallen asleep because the show Lipstick Jungle is not really his taste and it is on.. heheheheh..))))))

Anyways back down memory lane. My mom saw the ring he gave me and looked at it carefully and said. Oh yeah! You couldn't break that if you tried. Apparently, I have a track record of being a Tom Boy. The diamond on my engagement ring is set into the ring not high up on prongs. I will have to take a picture one day. I love it because it is unique and kinda ol fashion. And even tho' I like to be up on the latest cutter styles. When it comes to love I might be a little 'ol fashion. I go. I need to finish a few things up, but wanted to stop in and say Happy Valentine's Day!

PS.. Does anyone know what file type the new Cricuits are running? The ones using the design program? just curious. Wondering if I should add that to my software junky addiction.

Those who have joined my yahoo group recently. Please look through the past messages for the Dirt Cheap Sale Codes for the next two weekends and they are posted in the QMC area also.


shawnyrvr said...

what a cool story... Happy V'Day to you too! As far as the cricket I saw one file labeled as .cut So, I'm assumming it's their own file type so no one else can use it??? Haven't figured out yet if there's a way to convert them as I found some AWESOME freebies being shared... but didn't download since I don't have their software or cutter. That's all I know, so far about it... lol

Cindy said...

The Cricut files have a .cut extension.
But you do have to OWN the cartridges to cut the files.