Friday, February 1, 2008

Soccer cleats and other items...

Thank you to everyone who joined my first quarterly membership. The Jan-March is now closed. Woohooo! What awesome members I have. I should have the stretch and bend file ready for the qmc this afternoon and already have a few more for next week. So I hope you think that the more than 20 files are well worth the $10.00. I have had great feedback so far. Thanks to everyone!

Next... I am offering any entrant of the ATC Challenge that I am cohosting at Paperthreads a file of their choice from the Paperthreads store. (details.. One of my files and less then 3.99 and you have to have an entry in the challenge.) For those kinda thinking about it. Here is the possible nudge you might need. The details can be found at THIS thread.

So my son and I are home today together. Lots of little things to do. Like Laundry. does laundry ever go away? probably not. wew. I really need to take some time to go through my closet and get rid of some clothing. However, I have a wide range of clothes. Wide range in sizes and styles that is. I have my more professional clothing and my western clothing and my doing laundry clothing and my exercise clothing. So my closet side is busting at the seams a little. I am losing about 1 lb a week so hopefully I will start going past all the sizes and getting to a mainstay. I am just going to keep as I am going. Eating less. Eating better. and trying to get moving.

So my sons first soccer game is on Saturday. I bought him a pair of cleats and soccer socks yesterday. We got home and he hasn't taken them off yet except to sleep. I bought him a pair of soccer shorts but they are huge.. my hubby thinks they are cute being so big. I want him to be able to run. So I might have to go in search this evening for something slightly smaller. It might be chilly tho'. So maybe I will look for some black sweats. We'll have to see. In a bit here, I will call the grandparents and give them the time of the game. My son woke up this morning asking if it was Saturday yet. He is super excited!

Well I better get to work on some files and get moving to the feed the horses. They are starting to "Bang A Drum" out there. Those feeders make the best drums.


My most favorite version of "Bang A Drum" is Chris Ledoux. Love it!

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