Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Better when I am not chatty ..

So folks I have a bunch of files I am working on. I am trying to ride the creative flow. This is why I haven't been super super chatty. I will try to get pics of my son up later today and his first soccer game. I think this weekend we might go in search of snow... It is so cold here and we ran out of propane on friday night. So no heater and no hot water. yowser. Heat dishes and I think I will call a friend to see if I can shower at their house tonight. I have hit a few relatives so far, but it is hard to show up with a towel and say.. can I use your shower? okay now I have to shower and run because I thought of three more files to design. wooohooo!!

And don't forget to vote in the forum at the challenge I co-hosted!


Takes a few minutes and supports the members of our cutter community and their venture into entering all the awesome challenges we designers try to coordinate.

okay gotta run!!!!!!
Have a mahvelous day!

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Jan said...

Hey Chris, you can stop by for a hot cocoa and anything else you need at any time! Well maybe not anytime! Sorry about the cccccccoooooollld weather, I don't like it either!