Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Creative Team Welcome to Wendy. and beautiful projects..

Here I am... I have some new files in the store and a bunch more being worked on. Soooo in the meantime. Please help me in Welcoming another Creative Team Member...

Wendy. Wendy is a unique member of the creative team because she is also the only authorized pre-cut die-cut retailer of my designs. I know some of you have stumbled on her website and then emailed me to see what was going on. And I think you for watching out for me. Wendy's has a creative page HERE for more information about her and links to her online store.

Welcome Wendy!!!

Next are a few things that have been sent to me recently by the Creative Team. I think they are awesome... I love to look at others creative style hope you Enjoy!

A file from Rosalie

Buried in the Sand. Love the colors. Looks like fun and I want to join in!

Joy Artist Trading Card by Vicki.

Vicki must have some serious patience to cut this file this tiny, but it looks awesome. This file is intended for a larger cut, but it came out beautifully here.

And also using a frame from Vicki. The curly matte frame "Heroes Among Us"

This is a phenomenal layout.

Then from Karen these two are super cute and I love the way she flipped the You should see the other guy file around and of course the cutey girraffes..

Did I show you some of these already? Maybe.. Probably because I think they are so cute!! Okay I better run



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Victoria said...

I LOVE bening on your Creative Team and seeing what the others create also! Gorgeous projects from everyone.