Monday, February 25, 2008

Wow... is it already night time??

Well here I am 8:30 pm here and realizing I have lost all sense of time. Luckily my Admin will be in tomorrow so I can get some other things done. Wooohooo!! And in the mean time let me tell you about my awesome awesome weekend!!!

First off Saturday a.m.... We had a soccer game and my son made his first goal. He kicked it in. Jumped up and down and said YES! Arm up in a victory salute and all. Just pleased as punch. We cheered him all on and said woohoo!! Right with him and only silently whispered to each other.. wooops wrong goal... shhhhh. Oh well. At least now we know he has the concept down because the first few games it was not so clear. After that as coachs assistant and the coach himself reminded the players which goal was theirs. But other then that a fantastic goal! And great start to the morning.

Second, we went to the Tucson Rodeo. La Fiesta de los Vaqueros. So much fun. My son and hubby went off to find the stick horse sign up sheet and my little one proudly got to be in the grand entry in a line of other stick horse riders and got to keep the stick horse. He was loving it.

Third, we went to a friends house after the rodeo. Hung out chatted and enjoyed there little ones birthday. It was super nice and relaxing. And a great end to a family day.

Then on SUNDAY>>>>>> I went to the local Rubber Stamping Expo. ALLLLLLL BYYYYY MYSELFFFFF. oh joy relief and quiet. I didn't talk to myself the whole time so it was a calm and quiet little trip, but I was glad to come home and spend the rest of the afternoon watching Nascar with the hubby and son. They were napping during the race. Something about circles and circles it makes great hypnotic sleep. :-)

Fantastic weekend.... I hope yours was just as awesome. And lets hope this week I get to be a bit more productive...

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Pictures to come tomorrow. I can't find my camera cord. Doesn't that drive you nutz!

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Judy3118 said...

As I mother of 3 boys - I really got a chuckle out of the soccer story. Good to have a laugh!