Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cheese Monsters, Bugs & Boys & Snakes. Ick!

My cheese monster. So I took this picture at a restaurant as my little one ate his sundae. I take lots of repetitive pictures and in the rest he had turned his head another way so I couldn't get the shot. Why do I take lots of pictures to annoy the men in my life... Just to get that shot that makes me smile!! Smile!! Smile!! I guess I am a cheese monster too.

So the file I am working on right now is Boys & Bugs. This is how it has come out so far. (below). I like it. It isn't in the store yet just finalizing a few pieces of it. I wanted to create this file because a my hubby and I worked in the garden the other day (and we are seriously renovating) my little one decided that he wanted to befriend this little grub. So we moved him out to a rock for him to look at and my little one put little pieces of leaf on the rock for him to eat. I didn't have my camera out and I was on a roll so I let the picture go and mentally remembered to create a file for the moment. There are lots of little bugs in the garden so hopefully I will catch that picture... and snakes. Rattle Snakes and Coachwhips. Well I haven't seen a rattlesnake in the garden yet, but outside of it yes. My little one and I are out in the garden quite often. So I am on radar all the time for movement. So I don't want that possibility to be there that he grabs a stick and it is a snake. So I do what I can to keep them away. We have had a horse bitten in the nose one time and had to stuff garden hose up his nose so he didn't die from lack of air due to swelling (and I won't share the pics, yes I had my camera on me) . I back fill the packrat holes and don't feed rabbits or quail. If they don't have something to eat they go look elsewhere. I was in the garden two summers ago and reached down to pick up a rake and thought wow... what did Greg do to the handle and realized as my hand was inches away that I was almost grabbing the end of a snake. It was a coachwhip. They bite from what I understand, but they go after rattlesnakes too. So I will keep them around. Well what a great post. I am rambling as my hubby lays on the couch passed out from Nyquil. He can't sleep flat because of his cold. So he has decided to crash in a half sitting position. Poor guy. He works so hard and to be sick during the week kills him. So I am comforting him as I sit out here and work on creative files. Well he might not think it is comforting him because he is passed out and I am on a creative wave so I would use any excuse to create. I hope I don't get this cold! I don't have patience for another. Well I think I am off to find a multi-vitamin. and some more vitamin C. Have a wonderful Wednesday. And thanks for making it all the way through this post. It is quite the rambling roll. I hope some of you can use the file. And I chose to put the scorpion off the mat so for those who would rather not use it they can leave it off and there won't be an empty spot.




Rosalie said...

I already have a page in mind for this one! I would mostly likely die from fear having grabbed a snake! Rosalie

Anonymous said...

That is a cute file, Chris - and I love the cheesy grin - he is such a cutie pie! I hope the germs keep away from you...