Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some pictures from our weekend of our horses

Family members came out and rode some horses. My Father-in-Law got some awesome pictures. So I thought I would share them here with everyone.

This is Rosie. Her registered name is Keyhole Hep-N-Jose. We love her she is young and has come around quite a bit. I could watch her run for hours. I was forcing her to run around here a bit for the camera. So she was mad at me, but then she came over and snuggled with me. She truly has the personality that she wants attention always. And she gets "miffed" if you ignore her. Love her.

This is my little one getting his pony "Missy" out to ride. Missy has some leg problems, but her personality is perfect for my little one. She takes care of him when he rides and only goes as fast as he should. The picture below rider and horse are getting tired.This is my bumpkin and his counsin outside thee fort. Dad asked him what kinda windows he wanted. He said Triangle, Circle and Rectangle. So that is what he got. The rectangle is on the other side. This week I think we will be getting the slide and building the climbing pole. Also, putting up the rails along the edge. Should be a great fort for his birthday party in April.

And this is Dad & Son enjoying a ride on our paint horse. Fleet. Fleet has got the biggest horse shoes on. His feet are huge. One of the reasons we got him. But his two colored eyes make you feel like your are dealing with the horse version of Jekyl and Hide. And some days! this is true.

Hope you enjoyed my picture posts today. Have a wonderful week and I will see ya around!




Bec said...

Your horses are beautiful Chris.

Cindy said...

Great pictures Chris.
I grew up on horses so can relate.
Love the fort. He'll have many years of fun and alot of memories from it.


scrappinmama said...

Beautiful pictures. I can't wait to show these to my best friend. She owns 2 Tennessee Walkers. She's going to love these pictures!

Beloved Keepsakes said...

Oh how fun!!! I miss riding soooo much!!! Hubby insists that all horses are out to kill him - so no ridding for us!!!!

Lori (aka Bleoved Keepsakes)