Thursday, February 7, 2008

New files and new ideas... and a quick kiddo story

Every try to work on things and you just can't do it fast enough. That is my problem right now... Can't create fast enough to keep up with the ideas. I have 7 different files I am working on right now and I keep bouncing back and forth. I may be crazy. But I love it. So a few new files that are up in the store.... and a poll tomorrow to select the next QMC file.

I Sea You

Manatee Zone

Hammerhead Shark

Sea Adventure

Okay and this is from Karen of the Creative Team using the

Autumn Beauty file

and the Leaf Jumble

What an awesome Scrapbook page!

And now for a quick story...So I took my son to preschool the other day and on the walk down to his classroom he slid and fell on his knee. We were pretty close to the door of the classroom. So my son walks in with tears rolling down his face and yells the teachers name. I NEED A BANDAID. instant silence. Everyone in the class stops and looks at my son. I am thinking wow this could be anti-climatic, his jeans aren't even ripped. so now I have ten little heads bobbing around me because I have plopped down on the floor to roll up the pant leg. DRUM ROLLLL Please. wahhh laaah. One tiny little blood spot where the skin rubbed off. and all the little heads around me did a collective intake of air and my son says... I NEED A BANDAID. so over comes the teacher smiling. Hands me a bandaid and and on it goes. now the collective sigh and the classroom goes back into gear. Kids disperse and my son struggles to take his jacket off. and looks at me and smiles.. I needed a bandaid he half whispers & smiles. he walks away and looks at me, runs back, smiles at me and gives me a big hug and says see ya later alligator. in a while my crocodile and he giggles and walks away. Oh the days when a bandaid can fix everything in the world. Made me smile. So I had to share with you.




Bec said...

What an adorable story. I hope you do a scrapbook page about it ASAP, too cute to pass up.

scrappinmama said...

Cherish those bandaid moments! :) I sure do miss those "Kiss the Boo boo" days!

Faith said...

Oh Chris... What a great/sweet story about the bandaid... just the way you told it too... I can just see the other kids looking and sighing at his Kids are wonderful!!!

Cindy said...

Ahhh, I miss the preschool days.
Mines in 2nd grade now. Actually a kiss will usually still fix most things for him.
Don't they just melt your heart.