Monday, October 12, 2009

A weekend in picture review....

Here is my Nan in her "Bobby hat" , which is the british police or guard as some folks call it, on her birthday. My Mom was born in Liverpool England. So we have an affinity for british items. Luckily my BIL brought this for my son and my Nan thought she would try it on. It was a wonderful evening.

This is my Kiddo helping Nan blow out the candles. Behind that is my Mom and cutey patootey niece.

And on Saturday we went to a versatility horse sale. As you know last week my son's horse was hurt. It is a long standing injury and my hubby and I are not sure when she will be 100% again for him to ride. Nor are we the type to dope a horse up to make it ride. Basically she faces Suspensory Ligament Dematitis so in laymen's terms it would be much like your ligaments in the back of your leg fraying and breaking apart and as you stand on the other leg to get relief in one you will cause it to happen in the other. 4 years ago a very told me I would put her down within 6 months because she wouldn't be able to walk. but thanks to a good shoer and prayers she has been good to us. Last Tuesday she has shown obviously in pain and not doing well. My son is very interested in riding right now and I don't want to delay that while his injured horse waits to heal. Riding horses on the weekends is what we do. So we came across this little sweety in the arena who was being ridden by an 11 year old and had been trained to ride by him. She has the calmest personality. Because she is a registered quarter horse my son can also compete in some of the quarter horse only events we sometimes go to .

She is about the same height as the other. And did fabulously with my son. He has pronounced her name to be "Tulips" She will require he ride a little better and be a little less heavy handed in her mouth. This is a good thing. She is super cute and just a little brown mare (girl). We were lucky to find her right now and will be riding every night so she can go on Friday night to the sorting. This picture below is a happy little boy and very proud Dad watching him try her out.

And here are the three of us on horseback at the same time. And with our neighbor around to take the picture. I think I need some photoshop techniques to thin that girl out a bit more, but for now. Here we are on horseback. Love my life!

This is my MIL and FIL. They called Saturday and asked us to visit a local nearby town and walk their arts festival. This is right up our alley I love craft fairs. The two of them looked super cute on this rock while they took a break. So I had to get the picture. Yes that is my MIL who was in the hospital. She has the spirt and desire to be active and happy and my FIL is right by her side. She has the "Ganas" which loosely translated in spanish means "the desire to do something" It is inspiring. It was a nice couple hours just to hang out in cooler Patagonia. (and Mr. Lopez my spanish teacher from high school would be happy to hear that word stuck with me from his teachings! He was also the softball coach and pounded that word into us! it stuck)
Lots of neat things at the Patagonia Festival. I actually got a gluten free wrap with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes, cucumber, veggies in it. It was goooood! And a gluten free spiced sugar cookie. Also yummy! Lots of interesting craft booths! Well worth the quick jaunt and then home to ride horses.
well have a great Monday!!! I better get some work done! Hope you enjoy my picture show.


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