Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 year old Birthday Parties...

So this past weekend was my niece's birthday. She turned two and it was alot of fun with family. Here is a picture of my sister and sister-in-law with our kiddos. My sister is on the right and her daughter is the little girl. My nephew is the little boy on the left and my sister-in-law. The kiddos wouldn't stop chowing. So we all just smiled for the camera. It was turtle cake. Pretty cool.

Then the opening gifts is always cute. My niece runs up opens one and then takes off again and plays. She wouldn't stop moving and couldn't concentrate on one piece of "loot"
This is my nephew with my son's Bobby Hat on and that is a vaccuum pipe from a "clean like mommy" set for a pretend vaccuum. my son was in love with the whole set. My BIL was putting it together and it was amusing to watch because he would grab one piece and stick it together and another piece would wander away in a little kids hands and then migrate back and my BIL would stick it together a little more. Finally when done they all went to clean the kitchen floor. My kiddo asked me for the toy as well. Giving me all the reasons why he needed it. I commented that if he wanted to clean he could use any number of "actual cleaning" things we have like the vaccuum.. etc...etc.. I got a roll of the eyes. haha. I guess pretend is more fun.

Here is my nephew also look into the squirt gun like it had a scope on it. haha.

This is my sister's Turtle cake. It had sneakers on it. Soooooo cute. She always makes the cakes for my son. This cake was super fun!

This is my Aunt Gillian and Uncle Mark.
I need to take them up on their offer of kid sitting so we can go dancing! Happy Smiles there.
Well that's it for Birthday Party Pics. I tried to get pics of my niece, but she wouldn't stand still for a moment, but she hads lots to keep up with. lots and lots of fun!

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