Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A little tape goes a long way... or at least til the roll runs out.

So this past weekend, my son who tries to fix everything like Dad and draws out plans for the details and sketches for building robots, rabbit traps, forts, jailes. He uses the ruler and draws them all up... well anyways.. my son walks by me with tape. He loves tape. What is it with kids and tape? I buy myself a new container of tape I by one for him because if it is on the counter it is as good as gone. He walks by me and out the door. Door slams... So I get up and go to get the camera because I am sure it is good. Tape outside.. hmm.. I really hope the dog is okay... So I open the door and this is what I see...
So I am good for a little game... "What ya doing?" I know this tire is flat. (I have such an uncanny ability to get flat tires that if I could wrap it up with my ability to shrink clothes. I am sure I could rule the world or at least jump start the economy trend with all the clothes and tire replacements.. anyways)... My son says very matter of fact.. like duh! didn't you see me walk out here with the tape... " I am fixing your tire. It just needs air and you're good to go" So I told him "well smile so I can take a picture of you fixing my tire." and tried not to giggle. So here he is with tape and fixing the tire...
Here is the tire with all the holes he could find repaired. Yes, I am out of tape to wrap my nieces bday present. I hope he doesn't notice me snage two pieces to tape the ends. And we are waiting on Dad to get home and run the air compressor. All I can say is... Maybe I'll buy my little one some Duct tape for Christmas. MacGyver here we come! Love my life!

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