Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My favorite guy!!

Those who visit the forum have seen me sign off with.. off to haul the horses to the buckle run. Well this past Friday was the last night of the buckle run for Ranch Sorting. The first time my hubby has signed up for one of the Buckle series and he came in Second. So very proud of him!! We had a great evening. My son took his new pony in for the first time and she and he did awesome!! She will definitely test his ability to ride and teach him patience and has more potential then our other pony. So it was just an all around great evening!

And this is me and my cutey cowboy. I am exhausted, but totally lovin' him. My kiddo didn't do to bad takin' a picture.
This is Shannon She won the first spot with Todd the guy who runs the show at the arena. Shannon has been working on this buckle for a long time. So she was super happy and excited to win. Interesting how people cross your path again in life. Shannon used to team pen where my hubby did when he and I started dating 11 years ago. Just a fun lady and glad to have run into her again in life.

Well that was our winning Friday night. The next series won't be for a bit, but we'll keep going just to hang out with the fun people. And I can get some better pics and video of my guys riding because it is switching to the winter schedule.
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