Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend Codes, Mom and Son Pic


but first can I just be one of those Moms that just lovesss her kid. Okay here is a pic today of me and my bumpkin. He had his performance today and wore his little suit and represented Ireland with his "I am Irish" stickers. He was happy to get to wear his suit and his grandparents got to meet his Pre-K teacher. It was wonderful. And now my hubby is getting ready to make pies. So I thought I would sit down and post the codes for the sale this weekend and also wish everyone a


I truly am blessed in life and many of you are part of that. So thank you!

I decided that you can set your own percentage off by what you want or "need".
First If you spend $5.00 you get 20% off. Code: CD5for20
Second if you spend $10.00 you get 40% off. Code: CD10for40

And that is your cart has to have $5.00 before the coupon after the coupon it doesn't have to be over 5.00 to still get the 20% off. Same for 40% off of 10.00
Make sure you enter the correct code to get the most percentage off. The store will take only the one you put in. I will be uploading files as I can this weekend. Some old and some new. This coupon is now active and will be through Sunday. And you can use it as many times as you'd like.
I uploaded these to the store just now. As well as a few others.

Thank you for all your support.
AND Don't forget to sign up for BINGO at the forum!!! Lots of new files being created for this!!


Chris Durnan, designer
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Kirst said...

Lovely photograph, you both look so happy. He is very cute and he has eyes like his mom, a little sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Chris, what an adorable picture of you and your son.

Patty M