Saturday, November 15, 2008

New File for Chris's QMC, M&M issues, Dejavu, Riding Horses, Grandma's Number

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Here is the most recent file added to the QMC. Did you join yet? I made a mistake in my days when I sent out the notice, but the QMC for this quarter will be taken down from the store Sunday. So that's your last day to join for Oct-December. Most but not all of the files are listed on the left hand side of my blog look for the 4th quarter ones.

Above is one of the new files and there is a whole set of these butterfly edges and such going to the store. One of many new files loading to the QMC join HERE before you miss out.

Now on to fun & life..
Are you seeing dejavu? You might have because I figured out how to post my blog in the forum to. Woohoo! Kinda cool. I love it when I figure stuff out.

So my little one is very disappointed! Want to hear why??
He is not happy that I bought M&Ms with sticks in them Yuck! He so emphatically said with his tongue stuck out and the head cocked and you know the side stance and overemphasis. I smiled and said. Really sticks let me see hmm... I took a few from him looked them over to make sure he knew I was taking him seriously with such a huge issue. HA! I looked at them and smiled and said well with sticks?? Could it be they have peanuts in them? He looked at me cocked his head and said. peanuts? hmm.. okay. grabbed the bag walked away with them and polished them off. So Iwill have to notate to the M&M company that sticks in M&Ms would not go over well. So lets not put chocolate covered sticks on the new hot trend list. haha.
Today is Saturday and I am a hoping we get it together and get out to ride some horses and do some Team Sorting. Would be good for the hubby. Good for me to sit in the back of the truck and watch (my back is still bugging me) or walk around leading my son on a pony. Looking forward to it. I hope it isn't miserable windy because it is nice. Think I'll take my camera to and see what kinda shots I can get.
And I have to work on the Christmas wishlists for my little one to give Santa and Grandparents. He effectively told me that I should put one particular item on Grandma's list.. I asked him why? He emphatically said with a great big smile. "Because Grandma gets me what I want" Well I would say without any doubt in my mind that my little one has Grandma's number. hahah.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! And as always thank you for your support!


Chris Durnan, designer
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