Friday, November 14, 2008

Puppet Theater, Beautiful Flowers, last days to join the QMC 4th quarter

Helllo to everyone! So today we have a little show and tell. My son wanted a puppet theater. So we took a box and cut it up a little and then he painted it. I print & cut some files I have been working on for the store and we taped straws to the backs to make puppets. He has the whole set of Mary, Joseph, Jesus, three wisemen etc. So I read one of the childrens books we have for him with the store of Christmas and Jesus and he ran through all the charachters behind his puppet screen. It was cute. This is a hard task for me. I wanted to cover the box with paper and make it look pretty and put up a curtain. And he wanted his painted puppet theater and could care less that the top says string cheese. Sometimes simplicity is the best and when it gets trumpled on or crammed in the toy box I won't worry about it. And I got to testcut some files. !!
work some more on those.
And here are some pictures, I was informed by my 4 year old that it would be better on a table because then you wouldn't be able to see him. So true. So true. love him.

And then here is a pleasant sight. So I have this planter on the edge of my porch that has a mishmash of plants in it. In fact, I through a plant in it that my husband had bought me one day on the way home from work. I can't remember what it is called. It was beautiful I didn't water it right in the house. So I took the roots and planted them in this pot. Well they have been growing and growing and growing all summer. Big green stalks. I have gotten tons of teasing that it truly was a weed and I wasn't willing to admit it. Well now I am smiling with my cheshire grin. A beautiful plant. It made me smile when my hubby brought it home and it makes me smile when I see it now as I walk out the door. What a tease this plants has been all summer to pop out such beautiful flowers to add to my day. All is forgiven I will keep watering it. hahah.

If you are holding out on buying the qmc for this quarter you are going to miss out.. I just added a preview of another file I will have uploaded today. If I get a chance I will post the picture here later today. If you want to join. click the button on the top right of my blog.
Other then that. I am off for a little lunch puppet theater and also to get some files out of my computer and into your hands. Have a wonderful day!


Chris Durnan, designer
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These flowers are looking so beautiful...