Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pics of a rider and his Dad & off to the tire store. Oh yeah!

Hello to all!! Today I am off to the tire store. The tire store where "they know my name". humming the cheers theme here. Really rather ridiculous to walk in to a tire store and have them know you. One time they in astounded looks said. You have three nails in one tire and a puncture in another and low on air in the last two. Well I keep them in business so they should just be happy. They also know I will show up with my laptop and create while I sit there. The smell of rubber tires is a weird creative vibe, but I get alot done because I can't check my email because of their limited wi-fi. But thats okay. haha. So if you don't hear from me this morning I am off to get the tires looked at. My hubby doesn't want to refill it anymore.. or rather like every morning anymore.

I have a few pictures from my hubby and son riding on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and yes in the back of a few of those pics is a train. Right there next to the arena. haha. Our horses jumped the first time and could care less the 4th and 5th time it went by.

Oh and I added a Tony Bennett song to my playlist up top. Love it. Adding songs to it took me a bit to figure out. So I will try to add the others in the next couple days as well.

So here are my guys hanging out on the fence line watching the team penning. At one point a lady squeezed in and moved a bunch of horses over in the line. And my sons horse being smaller backed out of the line on her own. And my son says. HEY HEY HEY!! and the other adults who had been hanging out with him all day said. Oh Sorry! Did we squish you out! And they all moved their horses butts over again and Dalen pushed his horse up on the line again. Dad was grinning from ear to ear. It got to be be Dalen got asked for good luck by some of the older guys we know and Dalen would yell the whole time they were in there... Go Eddy.. good luck. gettem. Go Go Go Eddy. things like this. it was cute.
This lady in this picture owns the arena below. My son told me last time we bought hay from her he was gonna marry her because she had lots of hay for his two horses. ha. Practicality is good, but I am not sure I would ask him to marry so we could get good hay at this early of an age. hahaha.
This picture above is Dad and Son playing around. My little one has to force his pony to go sometimes she would rather sleep. So he gets mad at her sometimes, but she is very forgiving when he pulls on her mouth. And knows I will come to her rescue and tell him to time out and calm down and how would he feel if someone was pulling on his mouth like that. Then he is very apologetic with his horse. Sits for a minute. And then starts anew with a better attitude. For a nag, she does press her luck sometimes and is stubborn. So he has a twitch on his saddle that he just picks it up so she can see it is there and she will do whatever he wants without question. I think the people before us really used the twitch on her unfortunately, but for us it means my son just has to pick it up and she will see it and go. And he doesn't ride her hard so all in all a happy relationship between the two of em. And this is the train next to the lot. Wow. It was closer then I realized when I looked at these pics.
Well thats enough for my show and tell today.
Have a wonderful day!

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