Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well I don't think there will be a download for today for those wondering through to check. My son has hives again. We were outside playing for a bit and now he has them all over. I am thinking it might be the antibiotic and the interaction with the sun. We shall see. hoping they go away soon. He is not a happy camper. They will be all gone and then come back again. So he and I have been busy trying to find other things to do so he doesnt scratch.

So rather then nothing I thought I would share some samples of my file. I got some really great ones. I would upload them shortly. My son is calling me to play for a minute.
So I will add later.

Okay here is one of the Father's Day Mini Album from Kelly over at the Wishblading Well. She had some great comments and I really appreciate her email. Thank you!

Here is her book. If you want to see it more closely hit view all images.

Also, here is the sunflower card cut right away again by Cara. Very cute. I like the bright colors.



Anonymous said...

My little one had hives a few months back out of no where. Came once a day - after bath --- off and on for a few weeks. No changes in soaps, towels, cleansers, ...nothing. Our doc said hives just happen to little ones sometimes. Sounds like your little boy's hives are much worse than ours were though... I feel bad for him...itchy is never good.

joan said...

When we stopped giving our daughter seafood or strawberries, the hives stopped too. Later we found out it is a common reaction to those foods. HTH.

Robin said...

I hope you son gets better soon. Those hives can be a real pain and so hard not to scratch them. Family first, enjoy your time with him and have a great weekend. Love see all the samples from your files.

Anonymous said...

My daughter had hives again and again until we eliminated the cause. It took us 2 seasons to figure out that it was strawberries. Apparently this is a common cause. HTH, and hope the little guy gets better.