Monday, June 18, 2007

It is Monday and I am stillll picking up!

Okay I am embarrassed to say... I don't have a file today. I usually create some over the weekend and put the finishing touches on it during the week, cut them and offer them up as freebies. Well we all know what I was doing this past weekend.. .preparing for a party.. then partying... and then cleaning up after a party! And taking care of my son who came down with hives the day of the party. Poor kid, but he partied like a champ after the benadryl. He ran up and down that slip n slide cause he couldn't quite run and jump into it. He was soaked and had a great time.

So as for the party!! Phenomenal. love my friends and love that they put up with me and my craziness. Slightly subdued party from last year, but I actually got a chance to talk with everyone because of it. So that was nice. LOTS AND LOTS of compliments of my beautiful adirondack chairs on the porch. So impressed my hubby bought two different colors. He is definitely a equa distant perfectly lined up person. So a red and aqua chair. I love it and he handled the color diversity well. When you live in the desert you gotta add your own color.
As for the party... lots of water.. lots of water fights. Then our close friends ended up staying and chatting & sitting around by the light of the candle and chatting. Was wonderful! Also, talked to them about teaching me to play poker. So I think we are gonna start up a poker night and play for M&Ms. I think I am gonna show up with this Mega M&Ms. Worth more the loss. No idea how to play, but looking forward to learning and hanging out with friends.

As for pictures.. my friend carried the camera all night and said she would be giving me a disk with them on it. When I get the disk I will post the pictures.

Okay so here is my Buried in the Sand file... sent to me by... "No E" Debbi. (I like that.. my mom always told people it is Lynda with a y.. and I am always telling people it is Christine with an E not an A. that would make a great trivia question for the Paperthreads games... What is Chris' full name... have to send that over there to them. So if you are reading that and playing along in the forums. file that for your mental rolodex)... Okay so I ramble.. here is the fabulous card by Debbi

I got a comment recently about wanting samples of the files cut! I would love them and would love for you to email them to me.. always notate how you would like credit for the creation. But please send them to me! I beg of you, but remember if you do. I may post them on forums how to use my files or on my blog, but will always list your name as the person who created it.
Okay so My apologies again for no file. I am working on some, but I don't feel they are complete yet. Thank you to those have recently posted in the groups for me when people have questions about my files! Always apprecaite the help.
AND THANK YOU to everyone who took part in my sale at Paperthreads! My downloaders are making me look awesome over there!

Thank you

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