Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Palm Frame

Another frame. 2 pieces. This is a pretty intricate cut with the leaves. So I wouldn't recommend making it really small. These files are for personal use only. I gotta get stuff done. So off I go! PW is wisconsin. No longer available for download, but for sale at Paperthreads with an additional frame in one set.




Wendy Martin said...

HI Chris,
Interesting your password is Wisconsin, are you from there? One of my best friends lives in Racine. Love the frame. We're going to Hawaii in August so I'm compiling the tropical stuff for an album. I can't wait. Thanks, love your stuff. (I've also purchased stuff of yours at paperthreads, I'm not just here for the freebies.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

How long was this up? I just checked maybe a half hour ago and now I can't get it!


Chris said...

The Palm Frame is up. It may be that 4shared was busy and only allows so many downloaders at once. Within 2 minutes of me uploading there was 10 downloads. So it is still there. It works for me. I would say try again. Enjoy! Chris

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much....working just fine now!

Anonymous said...

I am having a Luau as my Bunco party theme this month. I always want to take a group photo during my bunco month so this will make the perfect frame for our photo. I will cut 12 of the frames ahead of time. I will take the photo at the beginning of the party and then print it out 12 times during bunco. Then I can attach the photo to your frame and everyone goes home with a perfect momento. I did this at our Christmas bunco party (with holiday photo cards) and everyone was so thrilled. Shortly after our Christmas bunco one of our wonderful ladies passed away so we were even more grateful we took a minute and captured our group together at Christmas. Thank you for another wonderful file.