Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fiesta Card

UPDATE: I am getting emails that there is a problem with this link. Click on the words GSD or WPC. I have done it from two different computers and am not having a problem. As well as there have been 200 downloads of the file already in gsd and 30 of the WPC. I am not sure what the problem is for some. Just click on the words GSD and WPC. Other than that there isn't much I can do. I hope it works out! Enjoy! Chris

So this file is a cut out of the word Fiesta and also included is a 2 piece jalapeno. Currently not available for freebie download, but will be available at Paperthreads soon. These files are for personal use only. please do not share alter or claim as your own. password is grandpa. I believe. let me check it before a bunch of emails come through! Sometimes there are downloads within minutes of my uploading. give me two seconds!

So I have a few minutes downtime today and thought... I will load tomorrow's file today. For those like me who are hanging out and surfing. It is about 111 outside here and my hubby is out under the shade of our boat working on it. This way we can head to the Lake next weekend for two days. Soooo looking forward to it. We have a double tube and a couple single tubes and skis. The guys love to ski. I just like to hang out in the water, on the boat, on the tube. Just relax I guess is the key. I usually am the planner planner planner, but this time we are just gonna go.. take a tent (leave my little rv at home) and leave early Saturday morning and spend the night and come back Sunday. just enough time to start to get totally exhausted from the sun. Friends of our are going with us. So it should be fun. My Dad called today from Wisconsin said it was gonna be 88 there and everyone was freaking out. That he is gonna buy a small cot to put in the basement and sleep because it will be so hot and humid. I told him I agree and he laughed when I said it was 111. He said he was gonna tell everyone at work to stop their griping that it was 111 where his daughter lived. haha.

My Nan made it through the minor surgery and is undergoing chemo. So we are saying lots of prayers that her health stays good.

Soon I hope to be the proud owner of a KNK 15". My plan is to purchase at the beginning of next month. So then I can welcome a new set of users to my blog because I will be offering 3 different sets of downloads! Fantastic. So excited.

Also, the fern leaf card Currently not available for freebie download, but will be available at Paperthreads soon. file is up to be downloaded. I forgot that I had missed this file type. It is up in the store already for those who miss this link to the download also, but it is there.

Well I better fold some laundry... watch Nascar.. wash my dog.. check on the hubby in the heat or tickle my child.. but get off this computer. Have a wonderful day!!!




Christine said...

Hi Chris,
This file is adorable. DH turns 50 this October and I have been toying with the idea of a Mexican themed party. "Still Hot at 50". Your file may have given me the final nudge. Thanks so much!
Chris in NH

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the file today. I was cutting a pineapple for my Bunco Luau and the gsd file suddenly started cutting wierd lines out to the side that were not part of the file AT ALL! After a few attempts to figure it out I did a total shutdown and powered back up. I'm giving it another try right now. Anyways, since your page is my internet home page I saw your AWESOME new file when my internet loaded. I love it. And I got to be the first downloader today. The time on my computer and yours must not related so I'm not sure if I gave you a few seconds or not! Sorry if I didn't. Glad to hear everything is going well. I'm off to find the tiki masks I had to hid in the closet so the kids wouldn't destroy them BEFORE the luau. I don't mind so much afterwards but I'd like them in one piece when the ladies get here! Ha. Shae

Trish said...

Oh this is a great file! My hubby is on a homemade salsa making trip for several weeks -- it started out REALLY hot and now he's finally getting to where I don't need to be hooked up to a sparkletts bottle! And you like NASCAR -- woohoo!!!

Dawn W said...

Not sure why this isnt working when i click on the link i dont get the download page. I will be moving accross canada and will miss coming to your site each day for the next week or so.

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOVE this file. Only, your teasing me 'cuz I can't click on the .gsd to get it to download. This file is going to be great for our annual Fiesta/Pool Party.

Thanks, Chris in IN

Anonymous said...

I have tried d/l the file four time at different times and every time .. it give me this note on top of the page ..saying something about showing file or all files..
HELP I am loving this file :)

LIKE I do all of your files ..

Chris said...

Please click on the words GSD or WPC and the links should work. I have checked them from a few computers and all seems to be working. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those who all of a sudden can not download ( like me!!! :( ) are foxfire users??
The first files that would not open for me I was able to just hit shift ( like a pop-up blocker) but now that dies not even work--oh well I will still come check out your designs!! thanks!!