Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sunset to Remember Frame

Here is today's download it is a frame currently, but can be used in many different ways. the Sunset on the "water" has three different sets of "ripples" to give it a unique affect. Also, at the words "Sunset to Remember" with a Mat. each of those cut in one piece. And a frame for behind to use or not use. I hope someone has some beautiful sunsets on the water to use for this. Password is still vacation.

Okay on to other things! My sale... will be the 16th of June. It will be all day long and is to celebrate my birthday. I hope someone has the opportunity to take advantage of it and get some of my files they may have missed. Thank you, as always, to those who always let me know they have purchased some of my files. I love to hear that they are being used and purchased. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Okay I have gotten lots of emails about the squirtgun party and how do I pull this off with a bunch of adults and a bunch of children. Well I gotta say, we have some friends who don't come because it is a "squirtgun" party. Alot of people like to come because it is over 100 degrees here in June and what better way to celebrate and get together for anything then with water.

The rules for the party always read... no water or guns in the house, no water or guns near the horses or dogs because they do not have thumbs in order to be able to get you back, no water in the dry zone. Every year we have a dry zone. It is a tiny patch in the shade next to the house that there are a bunch of chairs and those not interested in partaking in the water fights can sit and watch, chat and be a part of it, but there are no loaded squirtguns allowed in it. Or you will be escorted out by squirtgun. and of course NO WATER BALLOONS. I learned my lesson the hard way the first time. Tiny Tiny pieces to pick up. It was a nightmare.

We also rent a water slide. This year we rented a Super Slip N Slide. Remember those long yellow pieces of plastic that laid on the ground. Well out here in the desert there isn't any grass to lay it on. So the rental is all aired up on all sides and is 30 ft long and 10 ft wide for everyone to use. My husband is wondering if it will be wide enought to have races... This should be interesting!

We have had new people attend and most of those who partake in the water play return the following year. Some decide it just isn't for them. No hard feelings for me. I would rather people not complain in life and just do what they need to. Those who show up with the 99 cent squirtguns the first year definitely return with the 40 dollar super soakers the next year. So we can sometimes have about 60 people here and the water games are crazy!!! But it is fun. I usually come out of the house at the end of the night and pull the drinking water coolers down. These are full of ice. Well I have a gun that just pulls water out. I think it is called the cannon. I take this "cannon" and draw the water from the cooler. So those who think they can get me in the beginning of the evening and get away with it. Really are freezing by the time the evening is over. When it hits them they are like... ehh?.. it's water I am all ready wet. Until of course they realize it is freezing cold. But hey that is my little secret weapon.

It started out as a birthday party for me and in honor of my Grandma. (She would show up to every party with a batch of ice she made, no ice maker here either. She would come out with it smiling and the water duel was on. You would have ice in your shirt, down your shorts and soaked.) So I am carrying her tradition on. I love birthday parties where you do stuff. Like we flew kites for my son's bday this year. But anyways. Now that it has become a tradition. It is more about the party and less about my birthday which I can appreciate more and more with every year. Some who attend don't even know it is my birthday and I don't advertise it that way. However, I thought it was a good reason for a sale. Any reason for a sale! (ask my friend Lori)

Any case. that is more details on the party which I am preparing for.

Have a wonderful day and most of all

Download no longer available, but may be purchased here.


kris said...

Was working on my shopping list and was wondering if you will have all of your files uploaded to paperthreads. I found a few not uploaded that I am interested in buying during your sale (Gotta love a good sale!)

Your party sounds like so much fun....does that mean squirtgun files to follow?

CAN'T get enough of your work!

Anonymous said...

Great file, Chris! We're going on vacation next month, so I hopefully will get some good photos to use with the file! :)



Anonymous said...

Chris .. your party sounds wonderful can't wait to see some pics from it. I love the ice water part. Sounds like something my brother would do..

Happy Early Birthday but for me it would just in time. I call OCT my birthday month .. : )
Thanks for the files and the sale .. Happy I planned on being home this weekend to do some shopping.

Nicki said...

Is your Bday actually on the 16th? If so, I'm glad because my Bday is on the 16th also and what better way to spend my birthday then shopping in a SALE!

Thanks again for all your hardwork!

rmeyfe said...

A friend led me to your blog and I just wanted to say hi and that you do beautiful work!! Thanks for all your hard work!!

And Happy Birthday (my son's birthday is the 16th too)!!!

Beloved K said...

Sale? Did you say sale?!?!?!