Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the Sting of the Bat

This file comes in multiple layers. I supposed this could be used for softball or baseball. I really am not sure what is going on for those who can't download. I apologize. I didn't do anything differently. I am going to download firefox and see if it is the same problems. Please remember if you plan to download that these files are not for anyother use than yours personally and are not to be shared or altered and claimed as your own. This file is no longer available, but will be available at Paperthreads soon.

Getting ready for a lake trip! It is soooo hot here. My hubby laughed at me because I bought a rechargeable fan that also takes batteries. soooo. charged it up yesterday and ran it last night. it made 3 hours on a short charge. wooohooo. and with the added batteries to it I will get a little bit longer out of it. We normally take the RV, but this time are going to tent it for ease of driving. That RV sucks gas down like I do a margarita when eating tacos. yum yum.
And my son is waiting for me patiently to get this file uploaded. He is wearing his Pirate hat and watching a little afternoon tv. He saw bits and pieces of Pirates of the Carribean and next day while at wallyworld he saw a pirates outfit. so currently has has a dagger stuck in the side of his shorts and pirate hat on. Love it. love it! He and I are off to check the batteries in the air mattress.

Other than that. I am off to work on some other things.
Okay some diagnostic questions to help me figure out what is going on for someone who is having problems if you can let me know.
What browser are you using?
When did you start having problems with the files downloading?
was it just the fiesta file or all of the files or sometimes or none?
does it go to 4shared?
and give me the sequence of steps being taken and what is happening? I am not clear if the link is being clicked on correctly or the password is correct. Any info would be helpful. I'd like to get this figured out as I will be soon offering KNK files, GSD files and WPC files and it will be much more to keep organized. Yes I am purchasing a 15" KNK next month. woohoo!!
password grandpa


Jen Adkins said...

WooHoo! First to download anotherr of Chris's awesome files...just have to wait a few years to use this one with the kiddos!

Angela said...

I have IE whatever the latest version is with XP. I have only had trouble downloading the Fiesta file. ALL the other ones have been great! There was no where to click on GSD or WPC files. Hope that helps you out on the Fiesta file. This new file "the sting of the bat" did fine. Just to let you know.

Sandy said...

Hi Chris,
I was never able to d/ the file for Monday. Started trying on Sunday night and continued until the new one was added (I was able to get today's). It was cute though. I use IE. YOu create such grat files. I will be forever grateful when you start doing KNK files though!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!
Your files are great--and it's hot here in PHX! I had trouble with the buried in the sand file--couldn't download it, no matter what. I have IE, on an xp windows program. I've been able to download all the other files.
Thanx so much!

Anonymous said...


I couldn't download the fiesta file when I clicked on the gsd link at the bottom of the file, but was able to download from the link towards the top of the commentary. Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

First, I haven't thanked you for your time and talent in awhile so, Thank You for sharing with us.

About the download problem, I started to panic when I first saw the fiesta card. I scrolled up and down, up and down I don't know how many times looking for the links which have always been in a different color from the rest of your entry. I even went clear to the last line of the entry where it reads: Labels: GSD WPC and tried to click on those, didn't work. I finally stopped, took a breath, started reading carefully and there the letters were and the links as well. I was perturbed with myself for being in too much of a hurry. Maybe others were looking for different colored links as well.

Have a good time camping. You're braver than I to go tenting in the heat. We're taking the 5th wheel out for 10 days, only 30 miles from home.

Thanks again.

Sharon in Topeka

Anonymous said...

I have Firefox and usually do not have problems and even when I have just restarted my browser and all was good. I did download the fiesta browser with no problems, maybe there was a server problem at the time the fiesta file was up.

Thanks for all the great files, wish I could be half as creative.


Anonymous said...

I use firefox and I am able to download.

Thank You for all the hard work you put into these.


joanberrie said...

I am using AOl, and also used IE outside of aol, and have had no trouble with downloads. Thanks for the wonderful files.

Anonymous said...

Looooove the files!! Especially the softball ones lately. You rock!!

About the Fiesta card, MY problem was that I couldn't download it from the GSD link on the bottom of your msg. I finally figured out that I COULD download it from the GSD link in the top part of your message. Gosh, did that make any sense? lol Other than that, the file downloaded fine for me.

Keep up the great work and I can't thank you enough for sharing your wonderful talent.

~Chris in IN

Brenda said...

I have the newest version of XP and had no problem d/ling the Fiesta file...is everyne remembering to clean out their cache files every so often? Thank you Chris for the great files...it was 111 here today in Gilbert/Higley

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a cool file. We are baseball fanatics here and I love to scrap pages of our many outings to the ball field. I haven't had any problems downloading from you - a lucky one I think.

My children love to dress up. Last year after Halloween we purchased a couple of costumes on clearance (super heroes of course!) and they dress up in them constantly. We never know if Superman or Batman will join us for the day! We also find misc. hats, vests, or other accessories at the dollar store for the days when they are interested in something else. We have something of a "costume" collection and like you ... I enjoy every minute of their dressing up. We've even had to run our errands for the day with a monkey mask on because the little one REFUSED to take it off. A little embarassing but a wonderful memory! Have fun getting ready for your trip.

Anonymous said...

I can download with Firefox no probs at all, but Opera will never give the link. don't ever use IE because I hate it so much. I have not had any probs with the Fiesta file at all, in fact not with any of your files Chris. They are the best, so thank you so much for your generosity.

Carrol said...

Hi Chris:

First let me thank you for your files. They are wonderful. Now to answer your questions:

Using IE 6.0
Started having problems with the Fiesta Card and now "The Sting of the Bat. When I click on gsd it looks like the same as your home page but with a different address (http://visualdesignsbychris.blogspot.com/search/label/GSD). When I click on WPC the same thing happens but with a different address showing (http://visualdesignsbychris.blogspot.com/search/label/WPC). I've tried single clicks and double clicks.

Hope this helps you to figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for another great file.

I have XP and use IE. I had trouble a couple of files ago but figured it was just my home computer. I was able to find your links fine but when I clicked on the links it came up with all of this gobbly gook stuff--I wasn't getting the normal 4Shared page to enter the password. Seems to be working fine now--we'll see.

Thanks again!

Jean said...

So appreciate your work, and your sweet spirit for sharing them with us. I have been unable to download your files since Monday still can't download todays, I thought maybe AOL was having a compatibility problem but went through IE and still can't download. wonder what changed? But thanks

Anonymous said...

Ah HA .. I know what happened ( at least I think I do) .. I and I am guessing most that could not d/l is because we did NOT click on the GSD in the right place .. We clicked on the one from the bottom and there lies the problem .. Missing the file names in the context of your writing..
:) Well there you go ..
Great file today like always

Lisa said...

okay I have foxfire and when I click the link from the bottom it just refreshes your page--BUT after reading these comments I tried the link on top and that worked!! I had trouble with the fern as well as fiesta

Anonymous said...

I have never left a comment before, but I absolutely love your files. I will use the latest I am sure. My son just returned from Omaha playing baseball at a Triple Crown National Tournament.Any other baseball files will be great I plan on keeping my eyes open for them. As for hot I know how you feel, it has been 110+ here. I live in Indio Calif. it is near Palm Springs.
Thanks Again,