Friday, June 22, 2007

Pitching Princess

Okay I got a chance to cut some files. So here is one of the long requested softball ones. I have another one in the store that reads.. "Silly Boys, Bats are for Girls" That was one of my recommendations for a file. So here is Pitching Princess. I thought I might add Pitching "a fit" Princess for those who aren't looking for a softball file. I will probably add that later.

This file is for personal use only! Please review my terms of use if you are not sure what this means. Thanks much for reading and agreeing to these terms. Your downloading of the file is an agreement of these terms. This file is no longer available for free download, but will be available at Paperthreads soon.

Okay on to life... As you can see in the left column of my blog. I have a few more samples sent to me of my word book files. I love them all. I posted one by Wendy O and by Shae. super cute!

My little boy seems to be doing better today. No Benadryl yet. thank goodness. last of the antibiotic. Hopefully the hives won't show much today or will lessen over the next week because I am hoping with my fingers crossed that we will be making it to the lake next weekend. I am ready to hit the boat and float on the inner tube behind it. I have to ride the inner tube backwards cause I wear contacts and the water in my eyes kills me. This year I might try wearing goggles and see if I can pull it off that way. For Christmas we got a double tube, so two people can go at once. Should be lots and lots of fun. I look forward to it.

I am gonna email my friend and see if she can send me just a few of those party pictures by email so I can post them here. Otherwise I will stop by her work next week and get them. I do plan t post just havent been able to get them yet.

thank you to everyone again for their great emails and positive thoughts. I have to say I think my downloaders are the best! I would be lost with nothing to do without you. I try to get to all of the emails. so if you didn't get a response, my apologies, or there may still be one on the way!



pw same as last post

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the share, Chris. My best friend has two girls in softball, and she scraps a little here and there. She'll love this title. And it's really fun to load your page and see the word book I made with your file. Thanks for my 15 minutes on your blog! :) BTW...any update on your Nan? Have a great one.