Thursday, June 28, 2007


Howdy to everyone! Thank you so much for all the great notes! amazing. amazing people you all are. I wanted to give you a few things before I head to the hospital. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, so I probably won't be around lots and definitely havent had time to cut. I hope to be in full swing again next week. If I can get something else worked out to get files up I will.
Here are a few other things.
These are my sale files in July for those interested...

CD00091 - Super Summer Pack
CD00034 - Super Racing Pack
CD00087 - Sunset to Remember
CD00057 - Western Skies
CD00056 - Collection of Tags
CD00062 - Swim Team

Also, they are taking sign ups for a new bingo game over at the Paperthreads Forum. Click HERE to go to the forum. I am going to challenge the other designers over there to up the ante and add a bunch more files to the collection prize. So if you get a chance check it out. Enter your words and who knows how many files you could end up with... I know Lori is competitive over there and Shirley is already offering some files for the prize.. So let's see how many you can get, but you have to sign up by the deadline to play the game. I guess I have a little competition running through my blood to. But once they close the sign up you can't play and I think I have something up my sleeve... so check it out... (SERIOUSLY, not wearing sleeves, just remember it is 110 here. so tank tops all the way, but it is a figure of speach I like to use.) but I think I have a few things worth playing for... for those interested.

Okay.. MIL surgery tomorrow at 9 am. I plan to spend the day with my husband while we wait and our son gets to play with his Uncle and Aunt for the day. They happened to have the day off and he loves to go there and swim and run around like a maniac.

Thank you again for everyones thoughts!


Anonymous said...

You're in my thoughts, Chris. Hope all goes well.

Diane in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your MIL, I hope all things go well for her. I made this tonight and wanted to share the results with you because I love how it turned out.

I used CM Cherish Paper, SU choc chip ink and your gorgeous design. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
Aussie Wendy

Anonymous said...

Sending well wishes and prayers for your family. My father went through this about 7 years ago; he is doing very well.
Stay strong!


Anonymous said...

Chris, don't stress about files... we will all be here when you get your life back (and you will). Be with your DH, be with your son when you can - he may have a great time with his relatives, but he will miss YOU cos you sound like a great mum (mom!). Hope your MIL gets on okay. Don't overheat, send some of it to good ole England, cos we are drowning here!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Glad to hear that your mil is doing well. It must be such a relief for you and your husband. I just wanted to let you know that I cut three letter word books this weekend. My friends' kids are having babies like crazy!!! They are coming out perfectly and I cannot thank you enough for sharing all of those letters with everyone. I am very new to my Craft Robo and you have been a lifesaver. Thanks again. Alyse (