Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tabs and the last set of numbers including symbols

Two Downloads today... The first is a tall set of tabs. I saw a spiral bound book with these at the local craft shop and thought. hmmm. wouldn't it be nice to do it my way! so these are 6 inches tall with the tab and 10 inches long in the file, but you can resize it how you want of course. This file is gone it met its download number mid afternoon. Sorry you missed it. It is for sale at Paperthread if it is something you have to have. Thanks for looking.
And the next is another of my Word Book Sets. With the Challenge underway at Paperthreads and see the details in a previous post..... I figured I better get the last one up! This link is no longer available for free download, but can be purchase here.
I hope everyone has a fantastic day and remember while downloading these files they are for personal use only! No sharing or altering and claiming as your own!

PS Don't forget to look at the challenge details. Everyone has until May 20th to post a Sample of their Name Word Book. The winners will get a voucher for freebie files. Read the previous post for more details. PW for the previous files are buzz.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the file...I was looking at this (I think?) last night trying to figure out how to use it....I'm thinking maybe for an idea book for pages.

Thanks for sharing the way you do...I feel like my scrapbook pages are so much cuter with your work in them.