Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rou Star, Hands, Key for the Namebook Challenge

Okay on to a new day and another set of Challenge Pages for the Word books. This is the Round Star, Hands, and Keys for the Namebook Challenge.

I hope to get these posted up to the Paperthreads Server by the end of the day so the whole set of "Extras", which is what I am calling it, will be sold together. I am going to put the Square and Round Pages all together in the one sale file. So lots of files in one.

So next.... These files are for personal use only! Please do not alter and share as your own. If you are opening up a .wpc file you must first open your WPC program up and then open the file through the program. I have saved it as an older version WPC for the pazzle users and I hope this will fix the problemos there. As with new things there is always a little bit of tweaking. So the password is buzz and the links are Here. These links are no longer available for download, but the entire set of extras is available at Paperthreads.

It's Wednesday, Enjoy!


PS I will leave the gymnastics file up for a few hours this morning so those who missed it last night because of 4shared can get it. 4shared is not my website, so I don't have control over them. Sometimes they may or may not be down.
PSS So what do you think of my blog header. I messed it with it all day yesterday. My only frustration is for the life of me I cannot get it centered....rrrr. Anyone who mess with HTML know what I should do? haha. Otherwise there it is.Something different something new! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I love the new header. Great job, as always. So much talent in one body!! Have a great day and thanks for the file.
Patti Airel

Anonymous said...

Wonderful.great job
thanks for sharing
Patti Airel

Anonymous said...

The header looks great. I'm not good with html...have you tried extending the size of the box so maybe it would force a center? Not sure if that would go.

Thank you again for sharing your work. It's a smile each day for me.

Patty Tossey said...

Hi Chris:

Try putting a <> with "center" between the brackets (this comment won't let me put that in)at the start of the string to center and <> /center (same as above) at the end of the string..


Jaci said...

I love your new header. And your files are great. Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

I really like the new header. Very cute! Thanks for sharing your work. Fabulous as always!