Sunday, April 22, 2007

Swim Team

First, Thank you to everyone for your great comments! They inspire me because of everyone's kindness. Every comment makes me smile and makes my day! As for my Nan, we will continue on and take whatever God hands us and make the best of every situation.

2nd, Great news!!! I will now be offering .wpc files here on my blog as freebies. Which can be used with Pazzles cutters or opened with WinPC for craftrobo and wishblade. So make sure when you click the download you get the one you want. Because I will still be offering GSD files as well.

3rd, These files are for personal use only! Downloading is an agreement of these terms. If you need a full copy of my terms of Use. It is available on my mainwebsite. The password is buzz.

3th, A huge thank you to everyone directing people to my blog for files. I am not quick enough to read all the groups I am on. So when people take the time to answer people's questions about my blog. I really really appreciate it. It makes me smile because I know I have such great supporters of this blog.

This was a request made a while ago on my blog. I still have quite a list of requests and trying to make my way through them, but I love them. Hope it works for what is needed.

GSD Download > No Longer Available for free download<
WPC Download > No Longer Available for free download<
Don't forget about the Name Book Challenge!!! It is up and running at the Paperthreads Forum and the details are posted here a few days back.


Luv2Craftginny said...

Yeah, WPC Files, thank you.
I got the new WINPC for Scrappers, so I really appreciate you doing them for us.

Faith said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the winpc also.
I saw your name over at Splitcoasts Stampers... Way too cool. I bought the letters for the namebook. I'm new...but I'm going to see what I can come up with.

Thanks again for all you do.

JulieInIndy said...

Thanks for the Swim Team title! My oldest is a swimmer and this will come in handy when I finally get around to working on her album.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Thank You!!!! All of my kids swim and I love this!!!

Beloved K said...

Thanks for the WinPC files~~~ Yipppeeee!!!

TammyB said...

Hi Chris - any chance you'll be offering freebies with a .ai extension so Mac users can possibly share in the fun?

maggi-m said...

This is great! Is there any chance you will be making a boy swim team title?

maggi-m said...

This is great! Is there any chance you will design a boy swim team title?