Thursday, April 19, 2007

Challenge has started for the Name Books

For my downloaders.... I will take 5 requests for additional files to finish your creation. Already I have one from Joni for a heart shape in the square set. So four more! Post a comment here and I will take them in the first order posted under the comments on this blog. I will post them to the blog for everyone to have by next week.

Here are the details for the challenge...
Quick Links....
Here is the link to the forum at Paperthreads.
Here is the link to the challenge gallery where pictures need to be posted.

Everyone wants to see a sample of a Name Book sometimes called a Word Book. So I am running a challenge based on those created from the name/word book files I have offered as freebies and now available for purchase in the store.

Post your pictures at the Challenge Gallery to be voted on.

Criteria to enter the challenge:
1) The criteria is that the book base is created from my name/word book files either the square or rounded font. Anything you embellish it with and anyway you put it together would be your creative license. Any other designers files are welcome as long as the base is made from my Name/Word book letters from either set. (If it is questionable that your file is not based on my files then your entry will be invalid.)

2) It is posted in the Challenge gallery at Paperthreads starting any time through May 20th, 2007.

3) The book must be a minimum of 5 letters/numbers/symbols total and as long as you'd like.

4) Voting will start on May 22nd, and will run through May 30th. With the winners announced on or around June 3rd, 2007.

They will be voted on by the members of the forum at Paperthreads.

First Place: I will send you up to ten files of your choice from my past blog posts.
Second Place: I will send you up to five files of your choice from my past blog posts.

Some of my blog posts are not up at Paperthreads for sale. So this is your chance to get them now after they have been taken down.

Hopefully, I have answered most everything. But if not, post any questions.

I have a sample of my name book up on my blog and in the designer gallery there. As well as, another sample from Joni here. Make sure to post your photos in the challenge gallery because that is where they will be voted on.

Be Creative and Enjoy!!!


Fine Print for winners: Each freebie given away on my blog counts as one file choice. Some sets have more then one download, i.e. Name Books and could count for multiple choices. For those who have been with me from the start and don't have a file they have missed, I will keep a running log of your choices and you have until August 31st to use it up on any future missed freebies offered on my blog. (Great for those summer month vacations when we are away from our computers & cutters!) The winning file choices only come from my blog and not the Paperthreads Store. Winner's pictures will be posted on my blog after voting is finished, entering the contest is an agreement for use of these photos with credit given to the creator, by myself for future promotions. There is no monetary value associated with this challenge. Entering your photo of project in this challenge is an agreement to the above terms.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the challenge. I started out with paper I've never cut before and that WAS an exercise in frustration. I ended up getting so distracted I cut up my cutting strip. Sigh. So, today I am regrouping and starting again. The excitement of the challenge is keeping me pressing on.

So, I was thinking how about either a birthday cake or a star for the word book?

weaselwatchr said...

How about a star for the square set?


Beloved K said...

I was going to say a heart for the the first set!!!

Wendy O said...

I am wanting to make a baby boy and girl books out of these so some sort of baby item would be cool. Stork, pacifier, bottle, etc. I am not picky. Joni (a friend of mine) has inspired me to make a few of these albums after seeing hers for Sharon.


Marianne said...

Stupid question i guess.
I don't really understand what a word book is?
I see those beautifull photo presentation of Joni in the blog but still don't understand.

For example, my name is Marianne. Should i make 8 different pages? (for each letter a different page)
But when you close the name book, it is a mess of all the letters underneath eachoter??

With Joni's presentation i see each letter seperatly but then it is no book? Sorry i am puzzled? And i want to participate in the contest!

Marianne said...

Can someone explain more what a name book is?
For example my name is Marianne, must i make 8 different pages (one for each letter)
But when you close it, it is kinda of a mess i guess with all the letters behind eachother.

When i see joni's beautifull presentation then i see all different pages of one letter, but then it is no book?
I am puzzled! But i do like the contest!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Love your files! How about a puppy/kitten paw shape? I've got a couple ideas for a book for my 4-legged girls, Pearl and Neena!


Anonymous said...

Well, Danica took my idea for a star. What about a simple tree, like an oak. I'm into genealogy as well as scrapbooking, so that would be great to use with the word "Family".

Faith said...

Hello Chris,

This name book is new to me also. It looks like great fun...

How about a Horse???


Faith said...

Hello Chris,

I am new to the Word Book, but it sure looks like fun!!

How about a Horse??