Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Getting reports that 4shared is having problems. I will leave the file up til in the morning. Check it out then and see if it is working. I tried it myself and it works, but thinking it might be intermittent.

Remember when retrying a page if you want to do a hard refresh of a page in case it is stuck on your temporary files for a web page that has been downloaded. Anyways. the hard refresh of a webpage is hold the shift key down and click the refresh in your browser. It will force the page to reload from the start and not pull from the resources already on your computer.



ginny said...

i have been trying for 3 hours to download this file...:0(

have tried the hard refresh and cleaning out all my temp net files...still no joy

my5bratz said...

well i give up, love this file as i love all your work but its been 4 hours and the kids want dinner...impossible to download :0(

Elizabeth said...

I was having the same problem with the previous one (the additional book pages) and missed out. I tried for hours and nothin.