Friday, October 21, 2011

New 2U Challenge

If you have been in the forum at all this month, and I really hope you have. There is a challenge called New 2U. You can visit it here.


What does this mean? Try something new. Well my new this weekend was to go to the Copic Marker Retreat by Jen. Some of you may know her as “Jen the hacker”. However, I know her as “Jen who sat next to me at the KNK Retreat”. Phenomenal artist and super fun person to talk with and chat with. I bought a bunch of markers to go to this retreat. It just didn’t work out for me, but I still have the markers. So I printed an image form a copic marker challenge posted not to long ago. And sat down to play. First time to color with the Copics. Very nice markers for sure. My son sat next to me. We were on school break. He watched me color the first one. And then the second one. And he took an extra copy and started coloring with Sharpies. He was very upset the colors didn’t match the cap when he actually colored with his Sharpies and Bic Mark-Its. However, I told him to just go with it and enjoy it. So he did. He enjoyed it so much that when he was done. He went and got the pink gluearts gun (which he says is embarrassing with an eye roll because it’s pink but he uses it all the time. haha) and glued it to the pink piece of paper you see in the picture. He had a great time and as did I. Not bad for the first try I thought.  Could definitely have been worse. I love my sons and I love the time sitting in my studio at the desk just coloring. The best. Love my Life.


It is Friday and I must run lots to accomplish as this weekend and almost everyone through January are jam packed. It is definitely that time of year. So I am off to get a moving on. Don’t forget to try something new and post in the New 2U challenge. So much fun to try something new.


Have a wonderful day and fantastic weekend!




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Caroline said...

WOW! you are both so good at colouring! I am truly hopeless LOL