Friday, October 7, 2011

Add your Party or Celebration Post!!

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We are on countdown to the VDBC Anniversary Party! The time of year, we celebrate and party in the forum. So here is how you can start and get in the mood.

I am interested in any craft project you have posted on your blog that is Anniversary, Birthday, Celebration, or just a great party! It can be an appetizer recipe, a decoration, a card for a birthday. I am not super picky. The only picky is you will need to have the VDBC logo in the post  or a link to my blog here and that you are celebrating with us. So others can join in as well!! or if is an older post you just need to add the VDBC logo in the sidebar of your blog. (Here is the URL to upload it from our site  Thank you for your supporting our partying!)

So the options are wide open and full of fun. Invite others to join us in the celebration! We love to see new faces.

My posts to celebrate are here.

My Sister at a family birthday party. haha for her daughter. Cute. Couldn't resist reposting this one. Okay it's not really homemade but it was a Princess Party.

Okay so here is a homemade celebrate image from a baby shower I went to for a friend and her sister who is also my friend made the cake. Super Cute.

Can't wait to see what you have to come up with. This will close on Wednesday, October 12th. So you have a few days to share in the fun and get read for the party.

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy! Chris

Fine print: need to have VDBC badge in post or sidebar (Right click on VDBC image in this post and save for your blog or use this url, if you are trying to sell digital cutter files with your submission please just enjoy others entries and refrain from posting, and if you don't have a blog and can figure out how to link to it, you can upload to our gallery and post from there. This is my first time, but if it's possible you are welcome to it! I'd love to see all entries.

To get quick fun updates of things going on, you can join my facebook page.
My files in the store can be located here. Thank you for stopping by!


Sandra from NC said...

What a fun idea Chris. I forgot to put in my blog post that this is my first cut in a month or more :(. No mojo here for crafting but Christmas is on it's way and that's my favorite type of crafting :).

Sandra from NC said...

What a fun idea! I forgot to mention in my blog I've had no mojo for creating in a couple of months. This is my first cut in over a month. But Christmas is on its way and that is my favorite time to create! Happy Anniversary Chris.