Sunday, October 2, 2011

1st file of the QMC and the orange glitter saga!!

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 Welcome to Monday! Thank you to everyone who has joined the QMC . I have entitled this one "the gift" as I am focusing on gifts we can make for the holidays. So the files will have those intentions. An already loaded file is this Roadway Monogram which I have posted about previously on my blog and decided to add it to the QMC. the full alphabet. I made each letter individually for this set and I hope you like! You can join the QMC here to start out with this  file!

Here is mine above on a magnet board with some magnetized party favor cars.
And below is the file in use from Sussann. You can see she posts about the file in the forum here.

So fun I love Sussann's work! Thanks Sussann.

Also, I am a designer for this month's grab bag.
Here are one of my files for the grab bag...

This is what I needed the orange glitter for. The one above has a battery operated tea light inside. and below it doesn't. This is my Mason Jar love post. I love Mason Jars. I have them everywhere. These ones are old and from a box of craft supplies my Mom gave me.

So for the orange glitter jar. I took the premise of the glitter ornaments from a few years ago that were made with glitter and added it to a jar. So first I took the Pledge with future shine and put a squirt or two in the jar. Swirled it around so the whole inside gleamed with this liquid. I then took the glitter and dumped some in and put the lid on  ::key step:: lid on. haha. Now shake it like crazy until you get the coating you want then I let it sit open to dry for a day and overnight. Then dumped the lose glitter out. In retrospect I might not use so much glitter so the battery operated tea light would glow better. I personally would not put a candle in this. yikes! But the Pledge future shine dries well because it has an acrylic finish. I have read in other places folks have done the same thing with diamond glaze. If you are interested in the two images for your halloween projects. One is a spider web and spider and the other is a cat, tree and moon scene which you can use as you'd like.

So thank you to everyone who helped me with the Orange Glitter search. I now have extra for anything else glittery I can think of! Yeah! Hope you like the file. It is now in the grab bag which you can purchase here along with a bunch of others. And Lori's first week bonus file!

Okay have a fantastic Week! Enjoy! Chris

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Barracudasue said...

LOVE your QMC---LOVE the grab bag. I got both! :) I also LOVE the examples! Truly works of art! :)