Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Man Craft - Red Baron

So a few weekends ago I came out to the living room after a leisurely wake up. My son and hubby were on the couch and heard this  below...

and then I got to listen to this song quiet a bit (the next day to)


And then we got to watch the real red baron version. Maybe not hisotrically correct but the version without the dog and the cartoon effects.
So it was over and they went about their day in their plans for building and working on things around the house which we love to do on the weekends.

Then I saw a smiling kid walk through with pvc pipe and then I heard spray paint can outside the window. I started mentally ticking off things that were on the list of to do's for the day. I couldn't remember what needed spray painted hmmm... on I went to do the dishes.

A smiling little boy and his Dad came in the house to show me. Yes the "Red Baron" gun fashioned in case of need and attached to the fort. Upcycled into a Man Craft from pvc pipe, plastic little kid gulf clubs, black spray paint and some bolts and glue. Love my husband Love my kid. Love my life. (Pictures below)

Happy Boy!

Adjustments needed made
And accurate alignment will bring them down. haha
Hope you enjoyed!

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