Monday, October 10, 2011

"the Gift" QMC file & Anniversary Celebration Days

The link party is happening stil til Wednesday. Scroll down to the post before this one or Click Here! Look forward to anything anniversary you have party celebration! Recipe, diecut, photo. lots of fun. And we are already hopping in the forum as Challenges are starting to load for our Anniversary Celebration day! Jump on in.

The Gift QMC is in the forum and the next file uploaded was this file for a clothespin picture board. An easy way to switch out new photos and I also included the title for God-children. so fun.

I had this wooden plaque in my stash and some mini clothespins. So I cut the vinyl. Added some rubons and glued the clothespins on with monkey glue. I love this stuff. However, I looked away to chat with my helper this week while school was on break and woops. To much monkey glue. The clothespin slid off and glued itself to the counter. I turned around and couldn't figure out what happened to the clothespin. Only to find it glued to the counter top. Great conversation piece? I pondered it for a bit and giggled while I did my best to pry it off the counter. Yes, be careful with the monkey glue. It works!

The file uploaded in the QMC forum. I'd love to see what you come up with.  

On to life...
This past weekend, I got to spend some wonderful time with my hubby and son.We enjoyed our day of watching horses and then hit the rodeo. A hometown rodeo with lots of fun. We spend alot of time in the little town and know the kids that run around. My son got a chance to sit and BS with the "guys" his age. They were yacking and yammering about mutton busting and "this one time...." The stories were quite cute. To get a visual you have to imagine they are all in about the second grade so all of them are short a tooth or two or more. If you stand and listen to some in rodeo, there are always a few digits missing off the ropers, a few teeth off the rough stock riders a little something here and there missing. As my hubby and I stood with our son a few feet away in his group of "guys" and just a few gals because they can mutton bust to at that age. As I sat and watched I had to giggle, the scene was so reminiscent of a group of grown men BS-ing. It just made me smile from my heart. I leaned back against my hubby and he wrapped his arms around me and we watched the rodeo. Love my life. Cherish every moment.


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