Friday, October 14, 2011

It's here....

Our Anniversary Celebration is here!!. We are loading challenges and giveaways all weekend.  Rather than go into all the details which would be really long. I am just going to post a few links that you can hit all weekend and find out all the great happenings to participate on.


Our Newsletter link – there is a freebie listed in the newsletter and some screamin’ deals for our celebration.


Our Anniversary Section of the Forum… the go to place for every challenge added. Skim through all the pages and see everything going on.


And I am offering all my files an additional 30% off. So if you search through my files you will find some really good deals as this is an additional mark down to some prices. You need to add the items to the cart to see the discount.


Thank you again to everyone for supporting me throughout the year! My family and I really appreciate it.  When you support me, you help me support my family. Words would never be enough to express my gratitude. Thank you!


Enjoy our Anniversary celebration and have fun all weekend!



PS. Visit tomorrow for an awesome drawing! Thank you to Sandy for her continued support of our site!



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Kathy Serrahn said...

Happy Anniversary