Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!
Here is to hoping your Halloween is awesome today and filled with fun.

Here are a few pictures from our pumpkin patch adventure. We went with some near and dear friends. We spent time in the corn maze. When my son came out he layed on the ground and thanked the Lord above for getting him out. haha. My husband thought he fell til he realized he was saying thank you thank you thank you!!! haha.

Also we play in the corn tubs. Not sure why these are fun, but they are filled with kids and are just the happiest thing. My son can't wait to get into them every year. I keep thinking. Horse Feed, Pigs Feed, Cow Feed when I look at the dried corn, but hey who am I to judge. Everyone finds their good time and enjoyment and if it's animal feed and jumping in without your shoes on. So be it! Good Times Commence.

Have a wonderful and safe Happy Halloween.

My hubby's choice... I know he is up to something. or Maybe he didn't want to haul pumpkins. He is my man. love him.

Looking for the perfect one!

Two sweetie Cuties

Ms. Pretty

Hay Ride and Mom's with Camera!

Caught the Corn Thief!

My cild might be exhausted or is blocking the way from Ms. Pretty jumping in again. He didn't understand why she couldn't jump in the empty tank. haha. This is training for later in life.

He is super happy grins here. Yes his hat is CSI stolen from Mom. His John Deere hats, Carhart and Caterpillar hats are beat to a pulp. Time to buy some new ones.

She is getting ready to jump in! So fun!

Here is happy baby! You've seen him in a previous post somewhere I am sure.

He's really getting into it. Happy Baby this is...

And the perfect picture. Are you ready.. So my hubby took this on his phone. I loved it look at that corn throw. Happy baby is again so happy as he does what he isn't supposed to. "throw corn" hahah. Anyways. Then I got to looking and it looks like we caught Ms. Pretty in the act bewitching with her beautiful smile all the while putting up the dreaded bunny fingers. hahah. again training for later in life for my kiddo. haha.

Thank you to our friends for letting us tag along! It was a fantastic day!

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Caroline said...

so... can you do much with a tincy wincy pumpkin like the one your hubby chose LOL

lvoe the corn bin pics... and Happy Baby is just the best :)

Happy Halloween!

Joanne said...

That looked like one of the best days. Earlier the summer we went to a corn maze and they had a huge box with the corn. We couldn`t get out girls out!