Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lego Pinata Guy

As many may know now that you have seen the Team KNK post a week or so ago. I am a Lego Robotics Mom. and this year I am a Lego Robotics Assistant Coach. We work on alot of fundraising efforts because those little Lego motors can be expensive and other costs build. Our Lego-ers spend alot of time building with Legos and talking about Simple Machines. and figuring out how to make them function. just awesome to see them grow with it. And prepare for competitions. My son is in the younger version of it after 3rd grade if he sticks with it. He will move into a more technical version.

This is my latest cutter endeavor for a commitment my sweet smiling child got me into. haha.

We have this Lego Pinata guy from a rainy birthday Party last year. So now he has become part of the Lego Club scene. He showcases us well in his stiff armed weird smile manner. Thank you to Tio Ramon for bringing this for the birthday party. Who knew it would morph into such an awesome use when it rained and we were upset we couldn't smack the candy out of him. And wow that would have been a Ton Ton of Candy. In retrospect I am kinda glad it rained because Lego Guy has become a mascot for the Lego Club of sorts.  He definitely stands out in a crowd. He doesn't travel well in the car. He stands about 4 ft tall and does not bend.

Do you know what an eegee is? Here in the desert it is a local business that sells ice drinks that are like slushies but not. They don't have air pumped into them or weird syrupy flavors. They don't get twisted and turned all day in a tumbler of slushy. But are packed into freezers and scooped into your drink. Those from Tucson would know what I am talking about. Those who don't will think I am crazy. Those who have left town will start craving one. There are many branches around town and they are yum. The standard flavors are pina colada, strawberry, lemon and flavor of the month. just yum!

Well wanted to share the Lego guy and wish you all a wonderful Tuesday!

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