Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday evening wew... he's almost home.

Well most would think I am a big 'ol wimp, but I miss my hubby. I feel for those who spend gobs of time apart from their loved ones. My hubby and I work together in both of our businesses and we spend the weekend playing on horses. We really enjoy eachothers company. I have dinner in the oven baking. So when he gets home there will be something to munch on if he is hungry. And I am excited. I have those little butterflies flitting around. Silly it was only a few days. but it doesn't matter to me.

My hubbies time spent at my Dad's the last few days has been fun for my little one and I as well because we kept getting emails from Dad's blackberry of pictures of them ice fishing and riding snow mobiles. My little one realized that there were only boys there! And he was a boy! And next year he is going! ha! He is good at stating the obvious and making you go DUH!! and observing the obvious. :-) ( I will post those pics sometime this week)

But he and I had fun to. We went to my sister's house and played with my cutey patutey niece and when she went to bed I spent time with my sister working with her Craft Robo. It was crammed in the back of her desk with a towel over it to keep out the dust. (Desert dust is murder on wheels and parts) So we got it out. Piled off her table. She was frustrated because her desk was so buried with papers and random things, but alas we put the art of piling to work and piled everything up so we could have work space. And got to working on her Craft Robo and playing with files and she was super happy. My sister and I did the same thing when I first got my Craft Robo we downloaded files after files after files and cut and cut and we kept showing them to my hubby and saying loooook. He would said what is it? we looked at him in unison and said a paper purse. My husband smiled and said Very Nice and went back to what he was doing. Little did he know those first files would become my obsession. Some cut like a dream others made the machine groan and groan to the point where it was like Fingernails dragging down a chalkboard. I quickly realized in downloading files there is a difference in files. And so I ventured into creating my own. Well I digress. It was so much fun to work on the CR with my sister and play with papers and cut things and just be girls and giggle. This picture below is myself, my niece and my son. Love it when the kiddos sit on your lap and cover up your dirty shirt and excess weight. ... Ahh but I looked at this picture compared to the ones on my blog and my weight loss may be showing in my face a little.

And for another ramble.. My friend Lori is challenging people to get on the weightloss bandwagon. Well I may have to join her on the bandwagon. Walking. I need to walk every morning. It makes me feel and live better. So I need to get this routine into my head. My Aunt says that once you do it ten times it becomes habit. I had been doing it every day. So apparently missing it 10 times in a row can also become habit. So I am not sure I am going to take a pictureof the scale as Ms. Lori does because I have Barney Rubble toes. But will have to think on accountability and what it means. I find when I curtail myself so much I screw it up because I am irritated. So I might continue on and shoot for 1-2 lbs a week.

It won't be today that I lose those lbs and I have to blame it on cutter files. ... Seriously.... are you rolling your eyes at me?... well. ha! Here is why.... I have had many requests for some fancy cupcake wrappers. I have seen these talked about and just never jumped on it because I seldom eat a cupcake. Well in the effort of getting the correct type of cutter files I made some cupcakes. Totally for cutter file research purposes of course {grin} sometimes you just have to do it. I think I will take some to my Mom and Sister for Vday and our neighbor. I made the homemade cream cheese frosting to go on them. Again just for cutter file research.

Well if you need me Monday I will be running around to doc appts and other things. So I may be slow to respond. I feel like I am getting a cold, however, and hope it doesn't hit me at all or hard. I have been fighting a head ache all weekend. I can usually maintain with caffeine, drinking more water, using the heating pad on my neck, taking hot baths, upping my protein or iron.. those little things etc. But I can feel it just nagging at the back of my head still. wew ! Needs to go away. I have better things to do.

Thanks to everyone who visited the store this weekend. I really appreciate your support.

Chris Durnan, designer
GSD KNK WPC AI SCUT files for your personal digital cutters for use with scrapbooking, cardmaking and other hobbies. Whatever your creative mind can come up with!

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