Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday yeah! Last day for Challenge Requests!

Well there is lots going on here in Tucson and also at Visual Designs by Chris.
1st lets get the business out of the way. Then I'll show you some pictures.

Important Dates you Should Know

The Cutter File Challenge

I wll be taking the last requests for the files on Saturday. Sunday I will send them out and then they are all due in by March 7th. So email me with Challenge in the subject line and I will send them to you. If you want more info it is on the right hand side of my blog.

The Quarterly Membership Club

I will be closing this current quarters to new members on Sunday morning when I get up. You will have until March 31st to download. If you want to see some of the files that are included you can view them on the left hand side of my blog. There will be 29 files for $10 as I have done in the past. There are not all 29 files shown on the left hand side. Just some. If you are interested in joining. Here is the Link to the store where you can purchase. please join the forum after your purchase so I can add you.

Also, I will be sending out the new password for the QMC for the 4shared site. Someone found it prudent to pass the information on. So I have shut it down. and wil be resending those today. If you don't get the password email me direct I will send it to you. I know there are only about 30 people who use 4shared and not the forum. So don't hesitate to email me. We have had a long run where the password has not been passed on. I appreciate those who haven't done so and understand this is how I support my family. I especially appreciate your honesty and your patronage.

And now that the business end is over... Here are the Tucson Rodeo Parade pictures. The 84th annual! Woohoo!As always this event was awesome the longest non-mechanized parade. And can I tell you it is a delight to see next to folks who have never been to it and are visiting Tucson. I sat with them and chatted about horses, Tucson and being proud of your heritage and those things that make Tucson different and original. here are just a few teeny tiny pics of the 100's I could have taken.

The beginning banner walked by some girls from the local school! There were lots of bands that played. It was awesome hear them keep the beat and the rhythm from Nogales, Tucson, Sahuarita there were lots of them there. The flags.

A silent moment for those who have passed this past year from the Rodeo Committee

Then we had itty bitty entries

Pretty in Pink entries. WOW! This is the color horse my friend Lori would want.

Our friend Jorge on the Sheriff's Mounted Posse. He volunteers to help those who need it. Especially hikers that get lost in the mountains that surround or city or anything they ask him for help with.

And this was the Tucson City Council Wagon. Really I had to look at it twice and read the fine print to know it was. Unfortunately, it seems there were not to many representatives present to acknowledge Tucson's History in our 84th annual parade. Seeing this was a bummer to me.

And this is our friend George who I found out is now a Tucson Parade Museum docent. How awesome! His wife Julie was on the sidelines parolling the edges to make sure no one stuck their little toes out to get stomped on.

And saving the best for last.... This is my Uncle Chris. Love him dearly! He has been on the Tucson parade committee for a long time and continues on. The parade committee members have to volunteer for a long period of time before they can actually be on the committee. It takes a lot of work and dedication.

And then that is it for now...
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
I will be out at the rodeo most of the weekend and
then swinging around the dance floor with the hubby in the evening.
Thanks for joining me for my show and tell.

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