Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dirt Cheap Deal for this week... Halloween Collection

Hey Folks!

How are ya? Ready for the weekend?? I almost am.... ALMOST... not quite but almost.

I have a few things to do. Like get some new QMC files up and also our Dirt Cheap Deal!

Some of you may think the Dirt Cheap Deal looks familiar if you have been with me for a while. It is. It is one of my older collections I got together for the store and added SCUT files to the other types AI GSD KNK & WPC.

But I thought why not offer it one more time Dirt Cheap for the set of 10 and one of those in the set have 7 titles in them! Wow. A few jumbles (mesh) a few card fronts and more. Lots to choose from. For more details on the dirt cheap deal visit here.

And tomorrow I hope to post some of those awesome pictures others have created with this set of files... woohoo!!

Okay I am on the final tweaks for a few more QMC files. Yeah Yeah!! We are at 15 that means I have 5 more to go to hit the promised 20 and of course 9 more for the icing on the cake!! Want to join the QMC and get those files? Get in while you can. We will be closing the doors for this quarter soon. We close them one month prior to the end in order to give everyone time to download. Oh yes you can buy them afterwards in the store, but not for a couple of dimes a piece!

And I am off to find a recipe for swordfish for dinner and then on to more files. Everyone have a wonderful evening!

Chris Durnan, designer
The designer of the original QMC - aka Chris's Cutter File Club. Files available in SCUT GSD KNK WPC & AI. Multi-layered, Test Cut files. 20 plus files, but every membership so far has had 29 files for $10. Join today and get that icing on the cake of 9 extra files over 20 for $10.00
Don't miss out before it closes!

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