Friday, February 20, 2009

Confessions of a Mother

I must confess I didn't clarify the point today. I didn't want to hurt my little ones feelings or just plain freak him out. And now for my story... You knew there was a story didn't you??

So my son cleaned a bird's nest out of his fort yesterday. He gets so frustrated when they build in there. He has convinced his Dad that he needs bird boards and screen on his door windows this summer. haha. Always a project. But either way in moving the birds nest out my little one realized there is a bird egg in the nest. So he picked it up with his fingers and put it in his now destroyed bird nest that is laying on the ground outside the fort. He walks and shows it to me and I grimace and smile knowing Mamma bird won't be back after he has touched it, but he puts it in the nest and is confident that although he didn't want the birds in his fort they could definitely thrive on the ground in the now mangle nest. So I let it be. Sometimes just let it be is my motto. So this morning he gets dressed and heads out the door. I ask where are you going? He looks at me with the usual "what a stupid question Mom" and he says. Well I am going to check on my birds egg. So out he goes... And about 5 minutes later he walks in and Says MOM THAT WASN'T a BIRDS EGG. It was a scrambled egg DUH!! and walks out the door with pure indignation that for once his MOM didn't know everything. As he shuts the door my eyes are watering, my air has evaporated as I try not to giggle. Then I hear him step off the porch and I just giggle. Later in life he will look at me and realize his Mom didn't correct him and let him believe that eggs come scrambled, but for now I don't have to deal with a 4 year olds heart break in realizing he may have shorted the bird population by 1. For now I shall just let it be... and with that... I love my life.


So now for this weekend.. I don't have a dirt cheap deal this weekend my apologies. I am steadily working on adding the last files to the QMC. If you aren't a QMC member, now is the time to join as I will be shutting the doors for this quarter shortly. And also, I am working on the Early Bird Files for next quarter. I am having so much fun. I, also, uploaded some files to the store today so you may get a chance to peruse there. So along the side of this post you will see some of the files I have uploaded to the store or the QMC. Thank you!

Have a wonderful day and weekend!


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