Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I have one word for you... and then many more of course in explanation...


I am so tired. Wow. A new puppy can wear you out. Here is a picture of the late night tormentor and her new favorite partner in crime.

Isn't she cute?? Yeah not so much at 2 a.m. in the cold wind outside looking at you like. Yeah .. now you and I know I am gonna pee as soon as we walk back in the house could we just speed up the cycle a bit and not come outside for so long. ha!

Oh and have you ever given a puppy pepto bismol? We have a small case of Puppy Diarhea because I didn't have puppy chow on hand the first night and just stress from leaving a litter of 7. So she really should get minimal minimal amount of it because she is tiny. So I thought well lets try it the easy way first. Put a teeny bit on my finger. Bright Pink stuff. So Bright you almost gotta wonder about radiation who comes up with a color that pink. Anyways. She isn't gonna lick it off my finger like my other dog who is now 15 and watching this process and rolling her eyes. So I open her mouth and rub the stuff off my finger on her tongue, roof of her mouth anywhere I can get it in the mouth. Now she pulls back I look at my finger and those little teeny marks of deadly puppy teeth and look at her snout and realize... I shoulda brought my camera we coulda done a Got Strawberry Milk commercial. Well at least it isn't everywhere and she is doing better and seems to be past the puppy tummy issues. thank goodness.

However, my older more mature pound puppy. A spry 15 is not so happy with me. I wouldn't be either if my favorite blanket just walked itself down the hallway. I heard a snip and looked up and couldn't see the puppy, just a blanket being triumphantly carried down the hallway and taken and dropped in front of her kennel. Ha! However, this gave me a thought maybe I will switch the two blankets so she has one that smells like a dog in her kennel... hmm have to think on that further..

However, the positive of this whole experience. My son is just soo thrilled. He has been outside running around so the puppy can chase him. He has been playing with his cars on the carpet with the puppy. (Apparently the puppy's favorite is the race car she keeps stealing and putting in her kennel). Just to see his grin makes it all worth it.

Our two outside dogs are not thrilled, but when she gets a little older they will be fine. Another dog to bark at the coyotes and keep them off the property. Can always use that help around here.

And as for me Iwill keep an eye on the things walking down the hallway... Like the Metal coffee can we use to feed dog food. Apparently for the puppy, she found out this morning it is a little large for a hat and in fact fits almost your whole body. And barking in it because you can't figure out how to back out can be quite frightening. So frightening you walk into the wall with a large clang and then quickly figure out how to back out, but for good measure just bark your little heart out at it because your person is laughing so hard she is sitting on the floor and can't help out. Just bark at her to for good measure too.

Ahhhhhh loving life!!



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